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13 mysterious photos by Martin Marcisovsky – meet the artist

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Martin Marcisovsky is a young photographer who started his photography carrier back in 2008 in Dublin.Since then he is constantly trying to decorate his way with light,secrets,mystery and fullfilling his unachieved dreams. Martin allowed us to share some of his photos and answered some questions for MachoArts!

Martin, please tell us a bit about yourself… 

I’ve been taking images back in 2008 and as like as many photographers in this world i’ve started with the classical images of landscapes and animals(mostly birds).

I’ve been trying hard to develop my skills and ”seeing” to the stage where I’ve realized that landscape is just simply not enough ( meaning in a good way) so I did start to experiment with creative edit and architecture and mixing it all together. At the moment I am pretty much continuing in it and trying to go even further. As per words of my most favorite photographer Josef Koudelka” The maximum, that is what has always interested me. ”



Being a young photographer we assume that your work is a mix of traditional photography and post processing… 

Yes you are right it’s been always like this and at the moment I am more then sure it won’t be different any time soon))

There are many exit ways nowadays like hdr,till shift etc but although all those things, I am sticking with mixing the basic and natural photo ingredients.

What was the role of digital post processing in creating the special sphere in these mysterious photos?

The main reason was to transfer the atmosphere into my images through the ideas I have kept in my head and ”deliver” them somehow. I have quickly realized sooner or later the digital part of the process will be my main source so i said to myself let’s be it then. 

How did you get the inspiration for this set op photo’s? 

The inspiration comes from everything and nothing (literally) but I like visiting places with my girlfriend I knew before or never seen before this would be my main source though.

Did you have the end result in mind before you started or did the inspiration grow/change during the process?

It depends sometimes I have an idea in my head,sometimes it starts and change during the process,sometimes I am almost about to explode with loads of ideas and sometimes i have nothing in my head for couple of weeks…

Do you get a lot of requests for “commercial” photographs?

It really started to grow just recently and I have been wondering how quickly it could go,it really is like a chain reaction which I am happy for. My latest success was the deal with one of the biggest file providers worldwide We Transfer which I considered as my biggest success so far.

What efforts do you make to “market” yourself?

Well the thing with marketing is always hard and it is a fight but once again I have spent enormous amount of time 1 or 2 years exhibiting my work on different worldwide portals so that people could recognize me.
After while the fruits of my work have eventually come back to me and people started to contact me which was the best reward for what I am doing so far.

Martin Marcisovsky is a young photographer who started his photography  carrier back in 2008 in Dublin.Since then he is constantly trying to decorate his way with light,secrets,mystery and fullfilling his unachieved dreams.

That ”try” to express his imagination and his own seeing of the world is forcing him after new experiences in any category of photography.


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