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20 Stunning CG Robots for Inspiration

Posted in Design By Suraj Vibhute

Now a days use of computer graphics increased in the movies, with the help of computer graphics many movies got so much popularity. Think about Transformer, Starwars, Wall-E (my favorite one). So CG artists are doing some great work in this field.

Here I picked 20 Stunning CG robots for inspiration. Nothing can be more inspiring than these Computer graphics. You can see one by one and try your own. If you can’t create your own then you can use them as your desktop wallpapers.

The Showstopper

the showstopper cg robotEquilibrium

Equilibrium cg robot

Robot Design

cg Robot design

Space marine

Space marine cg robot

The Cingularity

The Cingularity cg robot


Section8 cg robot

Ultimate Robot

Ultimate Robot



The Hunter

Hunter cg robot


cg redbot


Suga cg robot

The last robot

the last robot


Devastator cg robot

Robo lizard boy

Robo lizard boy

Repot Carpertor

repot carpertor cg robot

Mech: Worker Bot

Mech Worker Bot

Björk 2

Björk 2 cg robotJoybot

Joybot cg robot


Warbot cg robot

Robot hopper

robot hopper


I love the rust effect :)


Wow,,, amazin robot pictures...

Paulita Zakrzewski
Paulita Zakrzewski

Some beautiful images there. The first one is the best for me. Got it as my wallpaper already.

Jane Portman
Jane Portman

Great site! I always find the articles here really nice.I just hope you will keep us update for more.Thanks!

Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson

I'm amazed at the detail across the board, but Section8 has got to be my favourite design.