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27 Creative Website Designs with Photograph Backgrounds

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Integrating photos into your website cleanly is no small feat. That’s why a trend in web design has just been to integrate photos into the background of designs. A photographic background usually helps set the mood of the website as well as help in creating a large impact on the viewer. Photos also help immerse the viewer into the scape of your design and a full screen photo will most likely put them in the environment you’re trying to convey. Here are a few examples of well-designed sites with photographic backgrounds for your inspiration.

Veronika Main
Creative website 1

Gazelle Touch
Creative website 2

Creative website 3

Get London Reading
Creative website 4

Creative website 5

Peter Pearson
Creative website 6

Christina Lauer
Creative website 7

Creative website 8

Food Inc
Creative website 9

Go to China
Creative website 10

Consulta Bern
Creative website 11

Rebecca Barry
Creative website 12

Creative website 13

Kashmir Creative
Creative website 14

GDR Creative
Creative website 15

Creative website 16

Sven Kils
Creative website 17

Signal 7
Creative website 18

Marussian Virgin Racing
Creative website 19

Alex Arts
Creative website 20

Boot Camp
Creative website 21

EFK Group
Creative website 22

Creative website 23

Creative website 24

Creative People
Creative website 25

Creative website 26

Chicago L-Shirts
Creative website 27

About Guest Author:
Ken Hattori is a technology writer for “”. He has a passion for design, photography, letterpress, and just about anything that is appealing to the eye. Having spent some time living in Japan, he has developed a fascination with minimalistic and clean designs.

Kathryn Clark
Kathryn Clark

Exclusive web designs with very innovative and beautiful backgrounds. Impressive share. Thanks for being post so much useful showcase.

Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson

Beautiful designs collection:) nice to see them! as a graphic designer this would be useful for me!

Will Paige
Will Paige

A beautiful selection!! I've been experimenting with making the background image full screen and I must say its very effective!

Marie Christine
Marie Christine

Impressive backgrounds used in the web layouts, really good round-ups and the photographs makes it better. Thanks for the creative inspiration.

Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson

Great post! All the designs are cool and perfect! Thanks for the post!

amit sharma
amit sharma

awesome designs..will try to imitate one for my practice session..thanks for sharing :)