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30 Examples of Creative Movie Posters

Posted in Blogging By Claire Roper

Movie posters are designed to grab our attention, and to draw us into the world of the film. They are designed to generate a feel of what to expect from a film and invite us in. Posters usually only have a limited time to influence us so the best way to pique our interest is to design a visually creative poster. Some of the more creative posters come from when the film is based on a unique concept or of a dark subject matter. However, just because the movie is a ‘chick flick’ does not mean the poster has to be just a simple, boring design as demonstrated by some of the works below.
This is a collection of some of the most creative posters of all genres from the last few decades.

1. The Cabin in the Woods

2. The Trueman Show

3. Man With Iron Fists

4. Looper

5. Dark Knight

6. Kick Ass

7. Lord of War

8. Being John Malkovich

9. Cold Souls

10. The Life Aquatic

11. The Ides of March

12. The Amazing Spiderman

13. 500 Days of Summer

14. Inception

15. The Eye

16. From Paris with Love

17. Perfume

18. 30 Days of Night

19. Life of Pi

20. Silent Hill

21. Ugly Truth

22. Black Swan

23. 27 Dresses

24. Taken

25. Adaption

26. Memory Thief

27. Men In Black 3

28. The Words

29. Away We Go

30. Crank 2


Wow awesome poster collection. Thanks for your sharing.


Wowwww All are outstanding posters, and one of the funny poster is the Ugly Truth. ha ha. can't control laughing.