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30 Stunning examples of Macro Photography of insects

Macro photography is taking extremely close-up images of subjects. The technically correct definition would be to take an image at a 1:1 ratio but, in common usage, the term has come to mean any close-up photography.

Images for macro photography can be limited only by the photographer’s imagination. While nature provides the most obvious subjects for macro photography, common items around us are also possible subjects.

Here I collected 30 Stunning examples of Macro Photography of insects. Every image is linked to author’s page where you can explore more stuff related to it.

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Macro Photography of insects

A caterpillar Macro Photography

Ant at x5 Life Size Macro Photography

Ant Portrait by binux Macro Photography

Banded Demoiselle Macro Photography

Brown Damselfly Face Macro Photography

BUTTERFLY Macro Photography

Cold miner bee Macro Photography

Coloured eyes Macro Photography

Contraluz Mosca Asesina Macro Photography

Cric Cric Cric by julkastro Macro Photography

Delicious by freebird4 Macro Photography

European hoverfly in profile Macro Photography

Feeding Frenzy by nick kulas Macro Photography

Fly Macro Photography

Fruit fly in an alien environment Macro Photography

Honey Bees Macro Photography

Hornet Macro Photography

i long for battle Macro Photography

I made it! Macro Photography

Lasius Flavius Macro Photography

Macro XXX by Gustavo Macro Photography

Mega Fly II Macro Photography

Miner bee at x5 Macro Photography

Mmm Tasty Macro Photography

Mosquito by nick kulas Macro Photography

recently at the fairytale forrest Macro Photography

return to Hell.. Macro Photography

Small Bee Macro Photography

Spiderman by eirikso Macro Photography

Team Work by Budslife Macro PhotographyWhich one is your favorite?

Fasz Khan
Fasz Khan

Suraj Awesome work done just wanna know which lens have you used for this Shoot


They are all very nice. I am a little puzzled about the third Macro shot from the top. Looks as it it was having a face wash? Or did did the Photographer use the Water Hose on the poor thing? It's the only shot I don't take too. :-(


Hi I would like anyone who takes these images to contact me about using them in a national newspaper which we would of course credit, you can get hold of me on



Stunning photos. The details for the insect faces brings to light a whole new view into that world for me. The snail photo is a great one too.


insects ewww!.. but yes have to see the colors... should be using some hitechno gadgets

cat@self help healing arts journal
cat@self help healing arts journal

Ok I was expecting some pretty images but instead got a bit grossed out. I'm so glad insects aren't larger than they are. Can you imagine those things at dog or horse size!?

Fun Spill
Fun Spill

cool collection Suraj! my fave is the last's fun to look at those ants in action.


Thank you very much!! You I also really impressed with that image :)


Some of the most awesome pics i've seen of insects! :)


Nice to know that Naveen.