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4 Tips for having A Successful Blog

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Anyone who writes a blog would like to make it big, right? Let’s face it, there’s tough competition out there so you have to do what it takes to stand out so that people will follow you and like your blog.

So what’s the secret for having a successful blog? Here are four of the best tips which may help you:

1. Find a good “look” for your blog:

Finding the perfect style or look for your blog is the first step to having a successful blog. You can try to look for a good blog platform. One of the most popular platforms today is WordPress which comes in handy. With just a click of the mouse, you can access different blog templates online. There are in fact thousands of them which you can get for free. So whatever topic you want to write about, you are sure to find something that would match your style of writing.

Try to find a template with a good layout and color scheme. With WordPress, you can easily make changes to the style of your blog without disturbing the content. If you think you don’t have the skill to do this, you can hire someone to help you for a reasonable price.

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2. Write good headline and content:

The next thing people will like about your blog aside from the style, is the content. Once you find the right content, make sure that you make a good headline to catch people’s interest. You should stick to just one niche to keep your content focused on that particular niche or topic. People might easily lose interest with your blog if you write everything and anything you can think of under the sun. Take note too that the more information you include in your blog, the more likely people will read it. The search engine loves new content so if you want your blog to make a good start, you will need the help of search engines so that people will be able to find you. Good content will also lead to more inbound links.

3. Advertise:

Another way to make your blog successful is to advertise. Advertising can bring you steady earnings. Just limit the use of banners though because people might not like it. The ads you include should be related to your topics. You can try using Google AdSense to help you find the perfect ads.


4. Be consistent:

The most important thing you ought to remember is to blog consistently. It takes time to build a really good blog. So stay consistent and committed to what you’re doing.

Having a successful blog usually means writing for the readers and not the search engines. Take time to make it interesting, unique and most importantly, make it something you’d like to read.

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Safal Sha
Safal Sha

Very helpful post for newbies.


This can serve as a good checklist for blogging professionals or for people who are setting up with a new blog. The last point says it all! Consistency is what differentiates a successful blog from a 'just another blog'. I have seen instances of blogs with average or even less than average quality content which are presently regarded as an authority just because they were consistent with their blogging efforts...