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5 Google Buzz Benefits for Your Business

Google buzz

If Facebook and Twitter work for you and your business, the Google Buzz solution will definitely rock you as well. Unlike other social networking sites, Google has been constantly updating and adding features that are tailor-made for SEO. So for now, forget about your Twitter and Facebook and have a look at Buzz’s advantages.

Benefits of Buzz

SEO: Google indexes Buzz profiles like any social media updates (tweets and Facebook status), so sharing your inbound links may help boost your standing in search engine results.

Network and Customer Relationship: With Buzz being integrated in your Gmail, it is now easy for you to expand your network. Take advantage of prospective clients’ and existing clients’ Gmail contacts and addresses. Invite them to follow you, and follow them as well.

Popularity: Google Buzz does not need to strive for “popularity” because it is a service made by the ever-popular Google. And because of its cool features and useful buttons, even Yahoo! users switched to Gmail just to have Google Buzz accounts. More Buzz members, more prospects!

Accessibility: When we do business, we want our social media tools to be 100% accessible all the time. Compared to Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, I cannot remember ever seeing Buzz down! There are no time outs and Fail Whale appearances with Buzz!

Expanded Social Media Sharing: Buzz incorporates services with different sole capabilities like Flickr (photos), YouTube (videos), and Blogger (blogs). Updates from these services can also be imported into Google Buzz.

About Guest Author:
Warner Carter is interested in everything online that fuels discovery. I find SEO a facinating puzzle so of course work for an SEO Reseller, Endless Rise


Wow, All these days i was concentrating on digg, su and delicious. I never concentrated on google buzz. if thats the case. i better do that. i have 200 followers in google connect. thanks for the awesome post i will make the best use of it and also the post clearly explained what can google buzz do for our post. Thanks for the info sir.