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5 Ways to Create a Geeky Self-Portrait

Posted in Roundups By Tom Chu

There has been a major change in the whole style genre as of late. Geek is suddenly chic, and there are many different kinds within that category.

You have the Hipsters and the Scene Kids, the Sci-Fi and Fantasy crowd, and there are endless sites, products and even shows now dedicated to geeks of all sensibilities. In other words, being geeky is actually ‘in’ now, which is good news for myself and others that were that way from the very beginning.

If this is you and you want to let your nerdy colors fly, there are a few ways you can do it online. Social networking sites have made it infinitely easier to do this, from joining groups on Facebook to linking viral content through Twitter.

Of course, you can also use one of the many options to give your profile picture a little bit of flair.

Here are five simple tools for making a geeky self-portrait that anyone can love.



ASCII is seen all over the web. For those who don’t know what it is, it is basically a picture that has been made out of plain text. There are some remarkable pieces of digital art out there that show anything from portraits to entire scenes. All of it is done with the same text effects you see when you type.

ASCII-O-MATIC is one tool made by Typorganism. It allows you to upload a photo and create your own image automatically, which is good news as we don’t all have the huge amount of time it takes to create one ourselves.


I love this one, as it isn’t your usual text-based portrait app. Instead of making a plain-text image like with ASCII, it instead uses more complex, colored text pictures to render the image. It works by taking any photo off off your computer desktop and dragging it into the space provided on your browser.

You then start the process and watch as it creates an image from various letters and numbers, in the same colors as the photo itself. The effect is very cool and unique.

3. Be Funky

Be Funky

If you more want to play with effects to get the image you want, you can use this cool tool. It is free and doesn’t require any registration, which improves on some other full imaging tools. You can do things like make comic or cartoon versions of your images, enhance them, add text, blur them, create pixel art…whatever you like.

4. Photo Pencil Sketch

The most amazing thing about that tool is not that it actually created high-quality pencil sketches based on the photo you submit (I was really pleased with the quality). The really amazing thing is that the tool is absolutely free and requires no registration.

5. Pixisnap (Photo Mosaics)

This one is another great tool that lets you create a self-portrait consisting of hundreds or thousands of photos. This is called “photo mosaic” and it look awesome! The first step is to upload a “base” photo of yourself. Then you can upload more photos to be turned into mosaic or generate it based on your Flickr album photos. Then select how light the portrait should be. Here’s a better and more advanced free tool to create photo mosaics but it’s a desktop one.

As you can see, you have plenty of options. So get out there and geek it up!

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Social Network Design

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