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7 Reasons why your blog is not growing as you have planned

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Most bloggers are failing with their own blogs for some of these reasons, so, we have decided to give you basic but helpful and meaningful suggestions. We hope that you’ll get an idea to improve yourself as a blogger with these kinds of suggestions:

Your blog posts might be boring

Boring Blog

People nowadays are really into the trending or hot topics about everything. If you don’t want your blog posts get boring, well, we suggest you search what people really like to talk all the time. When making a forum or any kind of post for your blog, make sure your words will attract people and that they might understand what you really meant to say. Have a sense of humor when having a conversation with people and be nice as well, don’t try hard putting hilarious words, different or unfamiliar words and everything just to get their attention, be yourself ‘cause people will love the true you. Putting popular keywords in your post might help your blog to trend since lots of people use a search engine.

You are not friendly

It’s a good advantage too if you are a friendly person, not always by having a conversation but also in following other’s blogs and commenting on their posts. Of course, always choose a blog that has a good content. People that you follow might read your blog and if they’re interested in its content, they might spread your blog and more people will follow you. Besides, people like friendly content writer and if they’ll like you, more people will really follow you.

You’re not good at creating a post and lot of error in English grammar

Writing mistakes

Well, if you’re really not good at making such posts and you have a lot of errors in English grammar, there’s no way out of it unless you study English as your first language. It’s a really big advantage if you can speak English fluently or natively. Learning English language can help you understand and to relate from the topic of all of your blog posts. Reading books will also help you to gain a sense of humor and know how to talk well esp. When having a conversation. If you’re ready to post content on your blog, your words must be focused on the topic, and that you will not make any segue way from it. If you really desire to expand your content, make sure that you won’t make the expansion of the forum/conversation go any farther from the topic and that you can lead people back to the original conversation.

Your plan might not be effective

When planning for something, always have a back-up plan to give your first plan a support because it might possibly fail in the future. If you already have a plan on making your blog to trend and grow, make sure you choose one trending topic that you desire for your blog to make it the center topic or just choose several random popular topics for it. You can have a survey if you desire to know what people really like to talk all the time. Then, you can proceed in choosing topics. Try to make a plan in a view of other people’s perspective so that you can see what people might think of your contents in your blog and how will they give reactions to it.

Your posts are not updated always

It could be one of the reasons why people may be disappointed in your blog contents and leave your site. Some trending topics are changing immediately, and its explanation, sometimes, are not correct. Make every contents of your blog researched well so that it might not bring huge disappointment to people who read your posts. Being always online on the internet is an advantage to this, – to make your blog contents always updated.

The contents of your blog are not originally yours

Copied content

If your contents are seen by the original source that created it, in your blog, he/she might put shame on you. It is better to make your own contents by yourself, to show your originality to the people who read your posts and to stay away from shame also.  Your blog will not grow if it remains supported by the other source of the contents. If you want to prove that your contents are originally yours, you can make it undergo in which detects if your content/article is not copied from the other web site.

You are making a useless blog post

Your blog will never be popular if it’s not useful to a person. People mostly search popular keywords in a search engine to find opinions, answers, suggestions, and etc. for their own agendas. So, if your contents are not that helpful for a person and wouldn’t give any ideas for them, it will lessen the growth of your blog web site. Always make sure that you post a good content that will help people who read it, to have an idea for their own agendas.

To make it simple, all you have to do to make your blog grow is to be yourself and give your original statements to people in a well-grammar and in a well-approaching manner. Additionally, you have to consider how people may react or think towards your blog posts and make them distinguish and understand the feelings or meaning of your posts to give them an idea for their own agendas or for whatsoever. People will love your blog and you – yourself, if you’ll do these things. And the more people who’ll love your blog and you as well, the more your blog’s growth percentage will increase.

About Guest Author: 

James Wagner is an Australian freelance writer and an SEO expert. He is associated with iFlexin, which provides best Ruby on rails development services around the world.