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7 Useful tools you should use to make web development more efficient

Posted in Resources By sandramiller

Web development is rocket science for most people because it’s demanding and detailed. The development process requires a site map, a design, the code, styling and many small elements to make its entirety. Without using the proper management tools, your web development process risks suffering from inefficiencies, which cost money. This article gives you some of the most effective tools to use in order to have an efficient web development process.

Plagiarism checker

The technology age is moving so fast and web developers need to move with it. With the number of competitors springing up online doing so fast, it’s becoming more and more important for website owners and developer to protect their written work from plagiarism. When scrapers steal your website content, they affect your business negatively.

Plagtracker is adequately created with massive databases of online content. The site also has sophisticated algorithms, which index content in different fields online. This ensures that all the content you publish is original and unique. This tool is free for use.

 Pingdom Tools

This tool gets its name from the word ping, which is a term used in relation to the website page performance. This tool can give you relevant web page information like the total loading time and the number of objects required to render your web page. For the web developer, this information is crucial because it gives you insights on the things you should drop or combine for better web page performance. This tool is also crucial in enabling you consider the sizes of the files on your website and this can have immense benefits on how the site performs in the search engines as well as devices where it’s accessed.

 Test Everything

This web-based application is all you need to test different elements of your site in one go. This tool is an aggregate of over 100 functionalities you can aggregate for every page on the website. As such, you can perform all the important tests on your development without having to get the assistance of external services or validators. Apart from the function this tool offers, it also saves up on time and gives insights you can implement for a better product.

 Internet Explorer Developer toolbar

Although internet explorer isn’t the most popular web browser today, it’s still important for a section of web surfers. In fact, some people access the internet on the platform alone. This means that for you to have an effective, all browser friendly website, you need to use this tool for your testing. It comes as an add on for your internet explorer browser.


Of all the web development tools out there, this one is the most common. This Mozilla extension allows you much functionality you will find useful when you are developing websites. The tool also gives you the ability to detect errors in the development process, among other capabilities you can rely on. Also, note that this tool can be used to check the development of bigger sites or web applications. Firebug is free.


This is a popular testing framework, for JavaScript. With this tool, you will be relieved the stress that comes with having to manually test JavaScript. JSUnit automates this function and deploy it for several sites and operating systems.


Coding DOM structures when you are developing a website is time consuming and demanding. This tool was specially made to cut down the time needed for this laborious operation. To create these structures, all one needs with the tool is copy paste their HTML files. The tool will automate the production of the structures in a single click.

Trisha Kline
Trisha Kline

A system development process can follow a number of standard or company specific frameworks, methodologies, modeling tools and languages. Software development life cycle normally comes with some standards which can fulfill the needs of any development team. Like software, web sites can also be developed with certain methods with some changes and additions with the existing software development process. Let us see the steps involve in any web site development.

Chadwick U. Pope
Chadwick U. Pope

Implementation. The process of actually building the web using HyperText Markup Language (HTML or improvements on it). The implementation process is perhaps most like software development because it involves using a specific syntax for encoding web structures in a formal language in computer files. Although automated tools are available to help with the construction of HTML documents, a thorough grounding in HTML as well as an awareness of how designs can best be implemented in HTML enriches the web implementer's expertise.

Farris Jornales
Farris Jornales

They're all quite useful indeed, especially the Plagiarism Checker although I still prefer Copyscape. And aside from these tools, programs used for web graphics could also be included in the useful tools we could make use of for web development.

Thomas McMahon
Thomas McMahon

Great advice - I'll have to give Plagiarism Checker a try.


wowowow!! Awesome things!! I'm a student and a website owner - these tools are so awesome! I'm familiar with many similar tools, but some of the ones in your post are better. Thanks a lot!