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8 Awesomely Bad YouTube Video Characteristics

Posted in Social Media By Tom Chu


YouTube is one of the best places to post a video. Unfortunately, the majority of people posting on YouTube don’t understand how to make a good YouTube video. If you want to get people to click the “Like” button, do yourself a favor and avoid these eight awesomely bad YouTube characteristics.

1. Ignoring YouTube’s Recommended Settings

Many amateur videographers think the recommended settings are more like guidelines. That’s a good way to view the recommendations if you want to produce a bad video. Good videos follow YouTube’s suggestions:

  • Format your video using MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or H264.
  • Set your viewing ratio to 640 by 480 pixels for standard definition.
  • Use the same frame rate as you do in the original video.
  • Incorporate clean audio using 44.1 KHZ for a MP3/AAC audio.

2. Using Bizarre Song/Video Combos

Many bad YouTube videos fail to consider the music and video combination. Music should be an integral part of the video, not something that distracts the viewer.

3. Starting with Unnecessary Commentary

If the point of your video is to discuss bad fan fiction, then start your video talking about that. You don’t need to tell why you’re making a video, the date and time, or other random information.

4. Annotating Errors Rather Than Fixing Them

If you’re going to take time to point out the bad characteristics of your video with annotations, you might as well take the time to fix the problems. While you’re at it, only use annotations to add to your video. Every little pop-up is going to attract your viewer’s attention, so make sure it’s worth the distraction.

5. Failing to Use High-Quality Equipment

Nowadays more and more people expect higher quality from videos they come across online. Make sure you use a high-quality video encoder that will maintain the time-line for your exported video. Some of your options include the following programs:

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • iMovie
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Sony Vegas

6. Having No Graphic Design Understanding

Sure, Mossimo made blurry text cool in the 90s. On YouTube, this is just another sign that you have no concept of graphic design. A size-12 font written in yellow letters outlined by red and set on a black background is always going to mess with a viewer’s vision.

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7. Skipping the Editing Stage

You have a one in a million chance of capturing a viral-worthy video that is ready to post without any editing whatsoever. Editing gives you the chance to fix glitches or distracting things, and it also gives you the opportunity to consider whether you should post the video in the first place.

8. Making a Boring Video

The entire point of a video is entertainment! Long bouts of scrolling text or watching a cat do absolutely nothing fail to fit the bill.

If you’re planning to express yourself through YouTube, take the time to avoid these bad characteristics; your viewers will thank you.

YouTube is one of the best places to post a video.