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Amazing Concept Art of Marco Luna

Posted in Design By Suraj Vibhute

Marco Luna is a 28 year old talented Mexican artist currently living in Mexico City. He not only specialized in illustrations, animations, logos and websites. He also works as Interactive Director at GrupoW, here we collected few of the most creative concept artworks created by Marco Luna. Visit Marco’s portfolio to see more artworks.

Concept Art 1

Concept Art 2

Concept Art 3

Concept Art 4

Concept Art 5

Concept Art 6

Concept Art 7

Concept Art 8

Concept Art 10

Concept Art 11

Last one is an illustration, but I loved it!

Concept Art 9

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The flower is very nice.

Igor the Artist
Igor the Artist

Greatly rendered pictures. I love nature better than war though. Thanks for sharing.


My pleasure Igor, thanks for the comment!


Thats just awesome talent there, i wanted to learn how to make those arts. But I don't have the mind of an artist. To marco your such a gift.