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Amazing photo manipulations by Kervin Brisseaux – meet the artist

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Kervin Brisseaux a self-taught digital artist with a background in Architecture.

His work is described with terms like “Retro-Futurism”, “TechnoArt”, “Hyper-Galactic”,…

In this post we feature his project “MOUNT OLYMPUS”. Kevin Brisseaux composed kinetic images of famous athletes like Michael Jordan, Venus Williams and Muhammad Ali.
Using a mythological theme, the athletes are depicted as Greek gods. The artist performed research on each deity to determine the athlete, mood, color, and aesthetic of each illustration.

Kervin also answered some questions for MachoArts!


Kervin, please tell us a bit about yourself… 

Hey all! My name is Kervin Brisseaux and I’m considered a man of mystery (not really…). You’ve probably put two and two together by now and have already figured out that I’m some artist/designer type so I’ll go into other interests. I’m huge fan of colorful, vibrant things and science fiction. I have a taste for music of (almost) all flavors and I am a very proficient procrastinator. I’ve been freelancing with a broad range of agencies and studios and I’m currently freelancing at the esteemed Vault49.

How did you get started with digital art?

Creating avatars and sigs for various online forums when that was thing to do right after Y2K. I wanted to make those cool animated gif avatars of various street fighter sprites that everyone else was making.

What are your major influences? Any artists in particular who influenced you a lot, or other media such as music and movies?

Music and Film (particularly science fiction) are givens. Influential artists include Hajime Sorayama, Travis Charest, Super Studio and pretty much any other artists/designers that has been featured on Sci-fi-o-rama. Lately, I’ve been getting a bit of aesthetic influence from fashion.

Which are the main tools you use for your creations?

Wacom Tablet Intuos 4 (My baby!) and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Where did you learn to work with the tools?

I’m mostly self-taught and getting an architecture degree helped me harness some of the techniques I’ve picked up along the way.

Do you start with an “idea” about the final artwork or does the inspiration change during the creation phase?

A bit of both. Everything starts with a key object sketch or concept and it can sometimes evolve into something else entirely depending a multitude of factors (client feedback, failures, experimenting, happy accidents etc.)

From a creative standpoint, is it easier to work on personal work or client work?

That depends really. Both have their benefits and drawbacks! At the end of the day, it’s not really about what’s easier, it’s about what leads to the most interesting results. I think both avenues have equal potential of arriving to that point. It’s all about the process!

Do you have any advice for beginning artists out there?

I’m sure you guys have heard it all. Most important thing to remember is PRACTICE and don’t be afraid to fail. That is what breeds the most success.

Check out his tutorial on DigitalArtsOnline, where Kervin explains how to create a glowing superhero!

Thanks Kervin Brisseaux!