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15 Useful Basic Photoshop Video Tutorials

Posted in Design By Suraj Vibhute

Photoshop is the most powerful and widely used image editing application by creative people. With the help of Photoshop experts can create wonderful things like print ads, Website design, logo design, business cards, hyper realistic paintings etc. But for newbie it’s not easy to understand all basic features and tools of Photoshop, that’s why here we have collected some really good basic Photoshop video tutorials for our readers, which will be very useful at the beginning.

Photoshop Tutorial – Introduction and Basic Tools

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to use all basic tools present in Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial – Tool Uses and Basics

Another great Photoshop video tutorial explaining different tool uses and the basics of Photoshop

Basic Photoshop Shading Tutorial

Learn how to use photoshop for adding color and flair to your cartoon / comic line drawing. This basic tutorial introduces concepts like layers, blending modes, adjustment layers, layer masks, and overlays.

Photoshop Tutorial – Simple Image Repairs

This is small but very useful tutorial, this Photoshop tutorial can be very useful for repairing small cracks and dust from old images.

Photoshop Tutorial – Basic Sharpening

In this tutorial you will learn how Photoshop produces the sharpening effect, as well as how the Sharpen, Sharpen Edges, Sharpen More and the Unsharp Mask filters work.

Create a Simple Record Button – Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial using a few Shape Layers and a couple Layer Styles you will learn to construct a very slick looking “Click here to record” style button.

How to insert an image in Photoshop – Basic PhotoshopTutorial

Sometimes the very basic subjects are missed out on photoshop tutorials, this tutorial will teach you how to insert images in Photoshop.

Basic Photoshop Tutorials : Photoshop Text Tool

Text is an often overlooked feature in Photoshop, but many effects are built in. Learn how to work with text in Photoshop from a professional photographer in this free Photoshop tutorial video.

Photoshop Elements Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial

Basic tutorial on how to create a document, add and size elements.

Photoshop Tutorial: Basic Color Correction

In this Photoshop video tutorial you will learn very quick and dirty color corrections using hue/saturation adjustment layers.

Photoshop Tutorial – Creating a Forum Signature

This tutorial for Photoshop teaches you how to create a simple 400 x 100 image for forums!

Photoshop Tutorial: Colorful Glow Lines

In this video tutorial you will learn to make simple colorful glow lines.

Basic Photo Retouching in Adobe Photoshop

You will learn how to do photo retouching using tools like Liquefy,  Clone Stamp, Patch Tool, Spot Healing Brush, airbrushing techniques and changing hair and eye color.

Photoshop CS5 – Fixing Bad Lighting/Bad Exposure

In this tutorial you will be learning how to fix bad lighting.

Photoshop CS5 – Changing Hair Colour

Another great Photoshop CS5 tutorial in which you will be learning how to change hair color.

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