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Beware Of Linking – Google Updates 2012

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As web developers, we are always trying to make sure that our sites are always appearing as one of the top results in any search engine. This means following all kinds of protocols and Search Engine Optimizing techniques get you higher rankings. Often web coders see SEO as a pointless task but the fact is that SEO is the key to get higher traffic on web pages. Over 60% of web page traffic is generated through search engine results and the best way to get into the good books of these search engines is to use SEO in your programming.

How Linking WAS Done

One very popular method of using SEO and getting high rankings from the Google Search engine is linking your page. The more pages linked to your page or back linked to your page, the higher your rating will be. It’s an easy way of getting high rankings and making your web page appear as a top result. This was the case till Google released some its new algorithms for 2012. The new Google updates, Penguin and Panda, have made it very hard for web developers to alter their Search Engine Rankings. Google’s new updates and the expected new updates are aimed to ensure top quality content and genuine content for its readers.

Now linking is very important. Good linking on a web page is the backbone of getting high search engine rankings. Almost 60% of the ranking is dependent on how properly and naturally your web page is linked to other web sites. Companies that focus on genuine web page linking have their websites on page one of the results page.

No More Duplicate Pages?

Previously, web coders could easily create duplicate pages of the original page and then link them to the original page to ensure Google that the page is highly referred by other websites and that the content is rich. Some websites also back linked their pages to plagiarized content. This all was done to manipulate search engine rankings.

Well, Google was seriously offended by the manipulation and violation of rules and its new updates are specifically designed to change all that. What Google is really looking for is, are the web pages that are being linked together at a natural flow. Content that is rich, informative and most importantly is genuine will be rewarded by Google with high search engine rankings.

What Should You Do Now?

Link Building

What Web developers must concentrate on is linking their web pages only to those pages that are actually helpful and beneficial to the readers, with authentic content and linked naturally and not by SEO firms. The reality is that such websites rarely exist but Google is looking for such websites that are linked to the highly rated web pages and not low OBLs. The new Google Updates are aimed to pointing out sites using SEO to alter page ratings and are focused on banning such sites from the engine’s results. Over optimizing is now a threat for any web page.

For example, take the web page of a small local book store. A book store that is very popular in a city and even sells books online is expected to have a few web pages linking to it. If they had gone through the process of SEO, the book store page would have been linked a few hundred times. Such conditions are acceptable to Google, but if that same small local book store has pages linked to it in thousands, then that is a serious manipulation of search engine rankings and is immediately red flagged by the new Google algorithms. Of course no local book store could be expected to have that many links. Such links are only expected for large book sites like The end result would be a banning of the web page from Google’s search results or maybe low rankings in the best case scenario.

Beware Of Plagiarized Pages


Another strategy that is being penalized by Google is plagiarism. Many SEO companies create multiple pages with the same content or of the same type and back link all pages together so that they may appear naturally linked. Now Google is focusing on quality of content.

The new algorithms are taking into account plagiarisms. All links on a web site are being checked for plagiarized content, content belonging to the same category or the same content being paraphrased. Any content found to have any of these fallbacks are receiving low ratings. Hence web developers must focus on producing quality content and simple copy paste material. This also means that the industry is looking forward to a boom in the creative writing field.

Because of all these updates and strict restrictions by Google, that controls nearly 80% of searches online, SEO companies are looking towards a challenging future. Newer updates are expected to make it harder and harder for any web page to produce copied content and use SEO to alter search engine rankings. A few tips on how to avoid getting red flagged include using multiple keywords. Similar anchor texts on linked web pages can be considered unusual and can easily stand out. Also, SEO companies must avoid negative SEOs.

Negative SEOs are when your competitor web page tries to ruin your search engine ratings through sloppy link building, making it obvious to Google algorithms that your site is using illegal SEO. However the new Google Penguin update is a little help. Here any kind of back linking off your website is being seriously penalized. They intend to track the source of the content and ban the web pages off the internet.

So at the end of the day, in the new era of the Google world, if you intend for your client’s web page to prosper and survive online, SEO companies must focus on producing high quality content pages. With over a million pages of similar web content available online, it has become extremely competitive for any web page to come in the top ten results for any kind of search. Of course one thing is for certain; any kind of searches in the future are guaranteed to produce genuine and high quality information for all its visitors.

About Guest Author:

Hi, my name is Scott Heron. Thanks for taking the time to read my article above. I have been a freelance SEO for a number of years now, you can keep up to date with my latest goings on via my new blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Bronzilla Sheppard

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