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Case study: Influence of blogging in Personal life of Blogger

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Even though it may not seem a job, the activity of creating and maintaining a blog is quite complex and due to the harsh competition it may evolve into a more and more difficult one. A professional blogger must work harder to take care of his “child” and this requires spending many hours per day in front of the computer.

As in every job there are many advantages / disadvantages and a certain influence in the personal life. Is this influence beneficial? Are the advantages more important than the disadvantages? These are two unanswered questions that can make each blogger think. The various potential solutions are related mostly to the psychic of the individual and the field of activity. Personally, I don’t believe that a thing or an entity is negative/malefic or positive/beneficial; it all depends on the individual approach.

Here are some “professional problems” which may represent a real threat for the family, friends or personal life but once again, these will become dangerous only as a consequence of the unwise handling of work time and relaxation. Philosophically thinking, success in life is related to the obtaining a golden ratio between work and relaxation so it’s a serious mistake not to pay attention to this principle. Please, let me know your thoughts and if you have another opinion share it with us, don’t be afraid.

1. Lacking of time is something usual


Embracing the idea that blogging is only the writing and publishing of the posts isn’t totally true and it may diminish its importance. Beside that, it implies answering to many emails and comments, reading the articles of the concurrence, studying the impact of the post upon the public, searching for new cool ideas, adding plug-ins and other facilities. A good blog is always evolving and that is done with many efforts. Once you have started counted all that, new problems will appear so believe me, a full post may be created only by writing the daily problems of a blogger.

Quality always requires time and personal implication and it is clear that the solving of the previous mentioned items is time consuming.

2. The addictiveness to the work


Sometimes a gained thing means losing something else. Having a professional blog definitely is a great source of happiness but on the other hand it’s quite difficult to enjoy many pleasurable moments with the family and friends.

Few people manage to realize the perfect balance between family and work, no matter in which profession they are, this being a general dilemma.

Paradoxically, in almost everything man has crafted, the beginning is the most difficult period and it requires a higher volume of work, many times too high not to turn into a dangerous thing for you, your health and friends.

3. Family and friends may be neglected

life 2

The human relationship supposes a bi-univocal link; more pragmatically, not only you interact with your friends and family, they interact with you as well. This fact means that anyone around a blogger may influence him. A family and few devoted friends are a huge moral support and a source of inspiration.

The posts within a blog may have an impact on the readers, probably some of them being relatives or friends so we have a clear demonstration of the reciprocal connection. The troubles are coming when this reciprocal influence is suffering big modifications and the output is sometimes terrible: it could happen that the family & friends avoid you because you have neglected them. This problem may be incomparably easier to prevent than to solve.

4. Health problems

Health and work

Another aspect of the blogging carrier is the health. To maintain a blog it is necessary to sit on a chair which isn’t the best condition for a recommended healthy life. This style of living is characteristic to many of the bloggers and the problems are numerous: stress, heart, weight, and seeing problems, and so on.

In spite of these, there is a complete remedy before any medication: sport. I can say that my weight is perfect (I have some extra kilograms to lose) but only by practicing sport I don’t have any serious health problems.

5. The self-isolation


Work makes people noble but everything should be kept under control else other entities may keep us under their control. The same problem is met when we are facing the problem of the influence of blogging in the personal life: as soon as there is a clear delimitation, the things are going well else the disaster is near us. Another problem is the self-isolation and the idea of making of another world; sometimes the idea of a nice community of a blog may interfere with the cruel reality and the brain of the blogger could try to replace what it doesn’t like with what he likes. The phrase above may be translated into a simpler one: working too hard may conduct the blogger to self-isolation and the next stop is madness.

These problems are somehow tended to reach the extremities but any blogger should be aware that yes, there is a real influence on our job in our life. Being a blogger is a wonderful activity but it hides some dangerous aspects, not the same with the risky life of a soldier in Iraq but due to the fact that these are hidden we should worry and handle them successfully.

About Guest Author:
Daniel Pintilie works for landing pages optimization Company Invesp and enjoys writing on increase conversion rate , landing pages and affiliate marketing.


health.. more bloggers not take care of this effect. We should keep our body. Do not push our self to blogging anytime. We still need a rest.

Srikanth Rao
Srikanth Rao

Really perfect words..! Iam suffering the 3rd one a lot and its already ____ing me.. I cant leave both and cant be with both at once.. :( Heart touching post i have ever read...! :)


I seriously neglected my family and friends now a days. and it hurts when i dont have work to do. bcz they almost forgot me when i wanted to talk :( nice post dude. touching :)


YEa you are correct I have also same kind of experience.


I think isolation is the biggest drawback of blogging as a profession.... Once the body clock gets adjusted to the timetable of being in front of the desk all day then the blogger starts spending time in work and entertainment on the desktop itself ....watching movies when not working and so on ..... Unlike other real life businesses where the workforce can go out socializing after a tiring day at work , the blogger can hardly connect with online partners however close he is to them professionally .... All this definitely has a setback on personal life !

The day won't be far when there would be dedicated matrimonial sites set up exclusively for the bloggers by the bloggers to marry online ;) just a thought but doesn't seem too far fetched does it ?


It's always been the case that we sacrifice a certain amount of personal privacy when step out into the public space. But any cost, need to maintain a healthy balance between your job and life!


Nice article, very well written. Sometime blogging is some kind of addiction, then your health suffers & you starting knowing that you need to take care of yourself


The same case is with me. You just rock :)