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Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop: Perfect Rivals?

Posted in Design By Warner Carter

Despite the presence of Corel Draw, Photoshop will always be the best graphics editing software for many, especially those who are used to considering Adobe as the only tool for their web design projects. Either Corel Draw lacked proper promotion or the public was just so engrossed in Photoshop’s fame.

Corel Draw vs Adobe Photoshop

The question here is why people keep comparing Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. People keep pushing that these two are strict competitors, that they are the greatest rivals among all graphics editing tools. Corel Draw was never the perfect rival for Photoshop. They are two different tools with different functions. The perfect match against Corel Draw is Adobe Illustrator, not Photoshop.

Photoshop vs. Photo-Paint: The Real Deal

Corel Photo-paint is the only thorn that’s in Adobe Photoshop’s side. If Photo-paint didn’t exist, Adobe Photoshop can definitely hold the crown as the king of image editing programs. Although Photoshop remains to be a favorite in terms of usage, Corel isn’t giving up on the race. This time, Corel developers want Photo-paint to outrank Photoshop even in functionality.

One downside of Photoshop is that it tends to disappoint after installation. After installation, many users find out that Photoshop is like a precious gadget that needs extra accessories to boost its function. Adobe Photoshop requires dozens of plugins before you can actually use it to its full potential.

Through the years, Photoshop has shown improvement through constant evolution. At least every two years, Adobe developers provide users fantastic upgrades. In addition, they always keep their software learnable, helping beginners and new users learn the system in no time.

On the other hand, Corel is good at understanding the public’s pocket; the company’s been selling Corel products in a package, usually Draw and Photo-paint in one package. Unlike Photoshop, Photo-paint is ready to use at its full potential after upon installation.

Photo-paint, or even Corel Draw, has all the functions featured in Photoshop. Both programs have functions that allow you to achieve fantastic results. As a user, it’s up to you to decide if the more popular Photoshop suits your needs or if the lesser-known Corel Photo-paint is perfect for you.

What’s new with the graphics editing software giants?

CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5

The new Corel product offers many bonuses to all its valued users.

  • Built-in content finder with Flickr, Fotolia and iStockPhoto integration
  • Completely redesigned color management engine
  • Enhanced Web graphics and animation tools
  • High-value digital content
  • Expert insights and engaging learning materials

Adobe Photoshop CS5

The latest version of Photoshop focuses on advance digital imaging, with more “promising” functions to all Adobe fanatics.

  • Enhanced 3D effect for videos
  • Enhanced interactive Web content functionality
  • Enhanced logo-making features
  • Improved 2d design capabilities

So which software is better? Check their respective websites and see for yourself.


i met a friend who have been using photoshop as a tool in image editing and designing tarpaulin posters. he had heard about coreldraw but has never used it because he says it is not popular and not "recommended." he didn't know i am also graphics designer. when i let him saw my graphics work he was amazed and asked me what version photoshop and illustrator version i used because he saw something in my work he had been searching in adobe but could not find it. when told him i used corel draw he was shocked. he couldn't believe it. I told him actually it is there in photoshop and illustrator you just have to discover, search the tools and use your imagination. but it will take you sometimes. i even challenge him present to me a photoshop output that can't be done in Corel. it is only a matter of getting use to it.

Warner Carter
Warner Carter

Photoshop is what many people use and seems most preferred by people who are in the graphics and photo business but CorelDraw Suite has a lot of good features too. I find the Corel interface a little more intuitive.


Corel draw is better for me!........... not the weak Ps!

Warner Carter
Warner Carter

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Akshay Arabolu
Akshay Arabolu

Hey Warner,

Just came across this comparison of yours between Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. Great article. Wanted to know if you'd like to feature it on A project we’ve started to house all the best product comparisons on the web under one roof. You can back-link to this original article of course. Check it out, and if you're interested, I will send you an invite.

Akshay Arabolu, Founder


I find Photoshop more easier to work than coreldraw. You find a lot of tutorials and videos and awesome posts in many sites on PS. Check out some previous posts of this site. You will know why I love PS. :)


I think that inspite of all the advancements in Corel Draw , PS still remains the best because of the options galore , it facilitates more high end editing and somehow Coreldraw looks nascent when compared to Photoshop .