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Every Photography Business Needs This: Custom App for Photography Clients


Mobile usage is trending, evident by googles top trending topics– iphone 5 was one of the most searched terms in google, peaking at it’s release date in September 2012.

Word of mouth is definitely the #1 source of clients for photographers and cracking the mobile market really opens up that word of mouth power for you and your business.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a simple and easy way to unlock this potential?

Fortunately, Sticky Albums has a way to give each of your clients a custom app.

How popular are mobile apps, really?

  • Mobile users spend an average of 94 minutes per day using their downloaded apps (a whole 22 minutes more than mobile web browsers)

Everyone loves apps, but how does that impact on your photography business?


Wow your clients

Sticky albums allows you to create a custom app for photography clients. It’s really ingenious new technology and so unique that your client will be so excited to show it off to their family and friends.

It also allows you to give them a digital copy of their photo album that they can share, without worrying about digital distribution and unauthorised copies of your work. It’s something impressive for them to take home. Photographers in particular, want to build strong relationships with their clients and really wow them with the work produced. This will mean, the next time someone asks them for a good photographer or they need professional photos again they will return to you.

Creating a personalized app truly is a wonderful way to give something to your clients that they will cherish just as much as the photos themselves and it’s a great way to get your work out there, opening the door to future referrals.

Increase your Presence

Being able to have a presence on someone’s tablet or phone with a custom app increases the length and frequency of exposure to your photographs and consequently your photography business.

Think about when you use an app and when you see people using their apps… it’s usually when they are on the train or have a bit of downtime. As a result, people dedicate a chunk of time to their apps every time they open one up. Additionally, this is a lot of time and so much more than what is dedicated to mobile web browsing.

Each time a person picks up their mobile device, there you are. This is a great way to enhance subliminal marketing. Your clients will see you without really seeing you. What value could this kind of exposure add to your photography business? Definitely a lot!

To recap – you want an app.


How it Works and Could Work for You

Learn more about Sticky Albums.

Saves the app to a device so clients can view from anywhere Create a custom app icon for each client Sample Sticky Album photo gallery on iPhone










All it takes is a one referral, and you will have made more than your money back. Not only that, your original and thoughtful gift will leave your clients with a lasting impression.

Benefits of Sticky Albums:

  • Clients will receive an application that links back to your website.
  • The app will display your logo and link and you can create a unique icon which will display on the homescreen of their device.
  • Each Client has their own gallery, accessible through the app
  • Photos are easily updated and this can be done at anytime in the future

Ideas for integration with your Photography business:

  • Turn StickyAlbums into an incentive programme. For example, use the personalised application as a hook to purchase premium (higher priced) packages or offer the app as an extra to an existing package.
  • Contact all your current/previous clients and spread the word. They could have a custom app with their entire photo album. A great way to generate profit and stay in touch with your existing and previous clients.
  • Use the app as a demo for your own business. This is a great way to show people your work when meet face to face, and it looks really professional with your own logo etc. Think “digital business card” you could even include jpeg files of your prices to include at the end! Anyone you meet can download the app and get your contact details and pricing right on the spot! – It sure makes it harder for people to lose your contact details.
  • Include a special offer in each gallery which will encourage clients to show their app to family and friends.

Everyone will just LOVE their Sticky Album. Customers will be telling their friends and family ” Look at this! My photographer made me my very own app” and all the people they show will want to know where they got it, and how they can get one too.


Photo credit: Breeze Floyd self-portrait

Olga Golubew
Olga Golubew


thank you for sharing, but is there something like that for Android?

Dane - Photography Business Riches
Dane - Photography Business Riches

Personalized apps really create that 'WOW' effect because to most people it seems like creating an app would be so difficult. Doing things like this and 'going the extra' mile really does help boost referrals and average client spend.

Thanks for this awesome tip!