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Do You Have a “Millenial” Living with You?

Posted in Social Media By Guest

Millenial generationDo you have a so-called “Millenial” living with you? The demographic group of those born between 1980 and 1985 – whose defining life events to date are (i) everyday availability of a computer and the Internet, (ii) the emergence of Facebook as a social media phenomenon, and (iii) the ‘Great Recession’, according to leading edge PR firm, Edelman – are a much sought-after audience for both online marketing companies and name-brand retailers.

If you have one of these Millenials (dubbed “eighty-ninety-fivers” or “8095ers” by Edelman’s in newly released survey results) living with you, chances are that they may be found with music streaming from their MP3 player, with Facebook live on their laptop, with smart phone in hand engaged in one or more text conversations, and with video streaming either online or from cable.

If you have someone living with you who habitually multi-tasks between these multiple media sources, chances are he or she is one of these Millenial “eighty-ninety-fivers.” If you, yourself, are constantly juggling and processing all (or most) of these data streams you may be a Millenial. (Either that, or you may just be an underpaid and overly-engaged techno-geek.)

If you have one, or are one, of these Millenials, marketers and retailers want your attention and business. Edelman’s survey of 3,100 “8095ers” in eight countries, “indicates that 82 percent of Millennials have joined a brand-sponsored online community, and nearly half have joined more than three.”

You can see why online marketers and name-brand retailers are spending big bucks tapping into this sought after, but perhaps ill-understood demographic. These “8095ers” are both a targeted market and, more importantly, potential social media marketers who share their experiences with (and knowledge of) brand products with their ‘wide-and-wired’ peer networks.

Edelman’s research indicates that not only 47 percent of these web savvy Millenials share positive brand experiences online, but that 40 percent report “they have criticized a brand on a blog or social network.” Moreover, as Edelman’s notes, “each [such] action reverberates through extensive networks of sources and peers – online, offline and mobile.”

If you are marketing a brand or branded product, you want your “8095ers” amongst the 47 percent boosting your brand, and not among the 40 percent dissing it.  More and more Millenials (and pre-Millenials , if that’s a term for older late-adopters of social media) are online and researching or comparison shopping through their social media networks. Edelman’s reports that more than half their survey respondents “consult at least four sources of information before making a purchase decision.

As Christina Smedley, global chair of Edelman’s Consumer Marketing practice, observes: “With 1.7 billion global citizens who spend more than $200 billion a year and use online and mobile technologies to amplify their voices, Millennials are actively defining today’s global and emerging brands.

That is why, if you have a plugged in Millenial living with you – as I do – you may want to consult them before you make your next big ticket, name-brand purchase. Why bother going online and researching products yourself when you already have a multi-tasking “Millenial” living with you?

About Guest Author:
James Barry covers social media marketing and related topics for, a Toronto-based firm offering a full line of SEO services.