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Does Google Love Your website? Not sure, here is how You can Check

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The future of SEO, as we know it, is quite shaky. Spun content does not work, bulk links now do more harm than good, rewritten article does not have the same value and spamming social media sites does not yield the same result anymore. Now it is not just the off page SEO techniques that can make Google hate your website, you need to take care of some On page SEO techniques too. You cannot stuff keywords in the content or in the Meta data, should not practice any sneaky things like hidden texts, one-pixel images to stuff keywords etc. So, it is quite evident that winning love of Google is quite tough but unless your website is loved and admired by Google, it will not be able to make the most of it.


Here in this article, we are going to share how you can ensure eternal love from Google:

Do Not Think About Google:

Well, the more you will think about making a website Google friendly, the less you are likely to do it. Rather than trying to please Google, you should devote all your efforts to make your website user friendly. By user-friendly I means, you need to publish great content, post some nice infographics occasionally, review the whole thing carefully before it goes live, promote articles via social media and give attention to what users want. If you manage to do it, users will start spending more time on your website and you will see Google start loving your website. The trick is – think about users and not about search engines, as search engines are quite capable of taking care of themselves.

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Use Keywords rationally:

The days of keywords stuffing to achieve higher ranking have long gone. Even the term keywords density has also lost its significance these days. If you are trying to maintain 4% or 5% keywords density throughout the body content to see higher ranking in Google, I must say you are playing havoc with the quality and the flow of the writing that goes against the ethics of user-friendliness. Of course, there is no denying of the importance of using keywords in the body content and in the meta data but you should not overdo it otherwise it will treated as spam. Use keywords judiciously and your website will have a far better online presence.

Do Not Use Too many Ads:

Google has made it clear that sites that harbor too many ads in the Above the Fold section are going to get penalized for poor users experience. So, keep the interface neat and clean as far as possible and if you need to earn money for your blogging passion, you should feature the ads in the middle and in the end of the content but that too should not play spoilsport with users experience.

Add Fresh Content:

Adding fresh and unique content regularly is the best option you can have to make your secure top ranking for some trending topic, thanks to Google’s freshness update. To make the most of freshness update, you need to add a news section or blog section in your website and feed the section with regular post and you will have a better world to live.

Make It Light Weight:

As you know, Google is now obsessed with site speed and that means, if you wish to win love of Google, you need to make your website load faster. You can prerender some elements like PDF file or CSS or JavaScript file by adding a prerender tag in the source code. This code will load the function in the ideal mode of the browser and thereby serving better navigation experience to general users. There are some other things that you can do to make your website load fast like you can leverage browsing cache, compress elements, combine images into CSS Sprite.

Work Hard:

Believe me there is no shortcut way to success. To win love from Google, you will have to work really hard. Create great content and promote in via Google +. Do research and organize brainstorming session on regular basis that will help a lot to create killer content.

About Guest Author:
Jay Osbrone has been working as a content writer, SEO analyst and web designer for the past few years. He is a passionate writer and loves writing on facebook marketing, Facebook templates and other social media topics.

Magnon International
Magnon International

You are right "Do Not Think About Google". Why peoples are mad for google. Webmasters also increase their visibilty on Bing and Yahoo.

Thanks for this post.



Yes you are correct. Instead of thinking about the likes and dislikes of Google regarding our website, we must create it using the rules as you have suggested. But then, I must also say that adding fresh, keeping the keywords as minimum as possible and all others are the factors that are mostly appreciated by Google always. So, indirectly we are making our website friendly to Google. Thanks for the share!!

Akshay naik
Akshay naik

I like this blog , i can find every thing about seo and many other things. Thaks to blogger. Keep it up


Don't think about Google, think about readers ans focus on your readers. Exactly, thanks to Google freshness update. Adding fresh and unique content regularly is the best option to obtain best results. I just want to say Be consistent in you work, have patience and you'll be rewarded.

Thanks Jay for this wonderful sharing.

Alisha eve
Alisha eve


Its very nice article . I like this blog becouse i can find every thing about graphics, seo and many other things. Thaks to blogger.