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10 Tips for Using Facebook to Market Your Website

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Facebook has turned into quite a phenomenon. It seems like almost anyone and everyone with internet access has an account, and this means that you can reach out to a lot of potential site visitors through this top social network. That being said, the following are just ten tips that can help you get started marketing your website on this top social network.

facebook marketing

1. Get on Facebook NOW!

Your competition is already on Facebook, and if for some weird reason they are not, you want to beat them to it! It is completely free to set up a profile and start getting fan for your site.

2. Post a picture

You need a profile picture because it signals to those who visit your pages wall that it truly is the wall for your page and not an imposter. If your site has a mascot or logo, that would be a great image.

3. Let EVERYONE know that you have a Facebook page!

If you have an email list, send out a notification as soon as you have a presence on Facebook. Be sure to put links to your profile prominently on your site and on the footer of all of your emails. Tell your friends, family and coworkers too.

4. When you post new content to your site, post links to your Facebook wall

Not only will this give you a bit of an SEO boost, but this will help to drive traffic to your site. Also, it is easy for your fans to share your content once it is already on Facebook.

5. Talk about things other than your website

Social marketing works best with a soft sell. This means that you can’t be constantly pushing your website and instructing your fans to go there. If this is all you do, the amount of likes you have will surly atrophy.

facebook photos

6. Post videos, photos and other flashy content

These are the types of contents that your fans will not only love, but they will also love to share these. This will most likely result in even more likes leading to more visitors for your site.

7. Consider trying an ad

Facebook users spend a lot of time on the site each and every day. If you are thinking about advertising, Facebook is a great place to be sure that eyes end up on your ad. There are also many introductory offers from Facebook that makes advertising inexpensive.

8. Like other relevant pages

Social media should be just that. Like pages that are related but not competitors. You will be able to comment on these other page’s walls and post content, and this could lead to more likes and visitors with time.

9. Update your page regularly

Remember though, your updates are about quality, not just quantity. Your posts will show up in your fans’ newsfeeds, reminding them that you and your website are there.

10. Respond to your fan’s posts

Social media is a discussion. It isn’t just about your message, but it’s about what your fans think as well. Make sure you get involved in the conversation in a way that represents your site and its message well.

About Guest Author:
Frederic is a web-enthusiast, flash templates designer, who is interested in films, music and new technologies.


Informative article..!

All people are using social media for marketing their sites. These tips will help allot.

samantha lewis
samantha lewis

Upcoming IT organizations always need such kind of strategy especially click of social media..Every upcoming online business requires exponential flick of social media .Such consultants and marketing proves to be creative analysts for business grow..

mahipal singh
mahipal singh

very nice article

and informative tooo

facebook is really important these day

and your steps will help us

thanks for sharing this information


Facebook Is Very Famous Or Important Now A Days, If You Have bundles of friends :) Thanks For Sharing This Awesome Topic :)

Angel Collins
Angel Collins

Facebook is really important now a days, it presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses through the creation of Facebook Business Pages. Thanks for the tips! :)


Facebook plays a vital role especially if you have great number of friends of course..You just have to be good…and nice…just like a store owner…for them to keep coming back..see what’s new.


Nice article, but many surveys have proved that click through ratio on Facebook is quite less when compared to twitter. Have to implement these tips to boost traffic.

rod rodriguez
rod rodriguez

A very interesting article you got here. I tried an ad that I got free from my web host, it was for 50$, I can't say it was a big difference although it did send me some traffic while it lasted. But I never felt it was worth it, I dunno...