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Finding and managing domain names effectively

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Most of us have a virtual name and identity in this day and age, mostly in the form of the usernames we own in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However they do not have the same degree of authority and ownership that only a personal and individual domain name can provide.

There are many sites who claim to help you find the right identity in this desperate search for an apt domain name for yourself. But more often than not they are a chaotic mess of ads and inadequate organization. Here is an attempt to provide you with more relevant and helpful domain tools.

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The most hassle free of all tools is the Domainr service. The site description reads that it is a ‘domain name search engine’ and that is exactly what it does. If you have a name in your mind, simply type it in and check its availability. They also provide you a list of registrars where you can get listed as well as give interesting top level extensions, apart from the regular .COM, .NET, etc. by finding domain hacks.Finding and managing domains


This is another quick and effective tool for finding domain names. It too offers to check domain availability and generate domain hacks but some additional features as well. Domaintyper also comes equipped with Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator. This generates available domain names like,,, etc. The names can then be registered through the links provided to various registrars.

The second added feature comes in the form of the DomainTyper iPhone application. This makes the tool available in your iPhone and you can check available domain names anywhere.

Domain Pigeon

This approach of this search tool is totally different from its peers. It shows you a list of already available domain and twitter names. Both the twitter and domain names are color coded. The intensity of color signifies the level of interest that particular domain or twitter name has generated. The lists can even be categorically searched for according to the length, popularity or you could choose to see only twitter or only domain names.

Domain Punch Professional

This is the most power packed domain name management software. It has comprehensive features like Watch My Domains Professional, Domain Name Analyzer Professional and more. It is has a domain record monitor which sends instant emails to inform the user in case of a change in the domain status. It also stores encrypted versions of the login password information. And the Domain name generator with extensive filtering options and availability checker are all useful functions.

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