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Finding Inspiration for Your Blog

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Blogging can be immensely beneficial to the business. The rate of traffic and conversation on websites increases with good blogging. It is important to maintain an interesting blog that has a high keyword density ratio. However, finding things to blog about several times a week is not a simple task. There are a few tips that can help you in finding inspiration for your blog.

Pay attention to your clients


Your customers will tell you what they want to read. Listen to them as they will pose questions and problems that need answering and solving respectively. Taking cues from your clients is a good start to getting ideas to blog about. This is especially easy for small businesses where the owners interact with their clients on a daily basis. Everyday conversations throw light on what the common problems faced by customers are. Even over hearing conversations can be useful as they reflect issues that are not always reported.

Use the internet

Log onto Google and enter works like where, what, why or who. The results will show what people are interested in currently.  Take note of a few ideas before you get too confused with all the suggestions. Social media like Facebook and Twitter can also be useful in getting ideas. Entering your keyword in search engines also yields plenty options. Sites like Stumbleupon which are used as a platform for common interests are interconnected to a host of articles which can help with ideas.

Attention to details and niche levels

Writing surface level articles can lose its appeal for the readers. It may also cause you to run out of topics to blog about. Instead of blogging about the wider angle of things, you can chose one specific aspect or area and talk about that in detail. This adds variety and also gives the reader a feeling of authenticity about the blog. Take time to blog about things that interest you and that you know about fairly well. This will be enjoyable for you to write and also be interesting for the reader.

Maintain a notebook for your blog


This is an essential key that will help organize your thoughts and ideas. Maintaining a notebook that is solely for blogging and is not cluttered with other information with give your more clarity. Every time an idea crosses your mind, take a minute to jot it down in your notebook. These ideas can then be developed later or as and when you find more inspiration. Web based notebooks are also very popular and user friendly.

Other ways to get inspired include looking at pictures, talking to other people from the industry or reading blogs written by other people. You can subscribe to blogs that are related to various industries to get inspiration. Looking at popular culture and recent trends can also help you develop new ideas. Technology and other similar services are constantly being innovated, latest products and models can be examined and blogged about. Even an advanced article on a topic in your field can help give ideas for blogging.

About the Author:
Annabelle is a copywriter with writing company Godot Media. She has interests ranging from social media, blogging to following web technologies and trends.

Carol Lynn Rivera
Carol Lynn Rivera

I have another one: "Listen to your mother". I use that category on my own blog. She is a shopper and a consumer and she uses the internet, too, so when she talks about a problem she had on a website, or something she liked/didn't like about a customer service experience, it's all good inspiration for a blog.