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Get Inspired for Your Music Website With Flickr Groups

Posted in Design By Tom Chu

Music feeds the soul. It can elicit a powerful emotional response, give us energy and focus when we are tired or distracted, and just help pass the time. That is why there are hundreds of thousands of websites dedicated to music or just music-related topics.

If you have been thinking of creating your own, you might be stuck on the idea of the design, layout, background images or even content. You will be surprised to find out that a rather good place to find inspiration for anything music related is Flickr. But, I can hear you asking, isn’t that just for photography? Yes, and there is some incredible musical photography all over the site.

Music makes up one of the largest niches in any of the pool collections, so you have a lot to choose from. I put together a list of five of the best, largest and most popular groups on Flickr that are dedicated to music.

1. Inspired by Music

Inspired by Music

This is a group for people who have taken shots specifically inspired by a band, song or piece of music. It asks that you post an explanation of how it came about – including lyrics, if there are any – in the description. But otherwise, it is open to however you choose to express it, as long as the photo fits under the “safe” policy on Flickr. You can post four per day, but for every set of uploads you have to comment on one already in the pool. There are more than 8,000 photos to look through.

2. Music Photography

Music Photography

Anything having to do with music goes here. It could be a photograph of a musical instrument or a shot taken at a concert. Or, it could be a personal photo, such as something that has been set up to correlate with a song or an emotion that a specific piece of music has evoked in you. It is one of the larger photo pools inspired by music on Flickr, with more than 230,000 pictures from the more than 9,000 members. It has regular discussions, as well, and the group is highly interactive. If you post here, you will be sure to get some comments and critiques as well as encouragement.

3. Music Music Music

Music Music Music

Not quite as active as the last group, this one is still bursting at the seams with music-related photography. Most of the shots seem to be from live concert events and portraits done of famous musicians and bands. But it also has pictures of recording studios and sessions, musical instruments, jacket covers, labels and more. It encourages anything having to do with music of all genres, even if there seems to be a bit of a lean toward rock ‘n’ roll here. It does ask that you don’t add more than three photos at a time until more have been posted, and then you can go again. The group just doesn’t want a whole string of the same set or photographer, as it might overwhelm the pool. There are currently just fewer than 70,000 photos available here.

4. Music Makers

Music Makers

If you are a lover of live performance and band photography, this is the place for you. They are all live performance shots from any genre of music. It doesn’t allow nudity, violent images, album covers or anything that didn’t come from some kind of concert or festival. So everything is highly moderated. You can add as many as three images a day. The rules don’t restrict what was featured, as there are an impressive 82,000 images. Some of the pictures are really well taken, as well, though not all of them have a band name in the description. It does ask that you try to include this information, if possible.

5. Music Directory

Music Directory

The members here describe this group as a meta-group for music lovers. It puts together all of the subgroups that would usually be separate for one place. All of the directories include Instruments, Dance, Theater, Music: Regional/Specific and General: Types/Musicians/ Performances/Concerts/Venues. So anything related to those is allowed, but categorized for easier searches within a niche. There are some gorgeous photos in the pool, with more than 15,000 to look through. The discussion is a little dead, but not completely inactive. Most interactions with other group members will be through the photos themselves.


What are some of your own favorite Flickr groups for music-related content? How has it inspired you for your own site? Let us know in the comments.