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The Foolproof Formula to Write Great Articles in 20 Minutes

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It’s all about the planning. If there is a secret trick of trade that seasoned writers use to come up with great articles every single time, it’s called “adequate preparation”… and it’s something you’re bound to learn through experience.

Once you learn how to use this technique effectively, you will never again feel the haunting pressure of a blank page, and you will feel as though your articles write themselves. And they will always look solid and thoughtful.

This article will show you how to write a strong piece of content in under 20 minutes. It’s a simple formula in 5 simple steps, it works every time, and it will help you get over procrastination. In fact, I’m using as the basis to write these very words you’re reading. And here’s the gist of this secret recipe:

  1. Planning Stage
  2. Choose Outline
  3. Catchy Headlines
  4. Fill in the gaps
  5. Final Revision

Step 1 : Prepare Yourself Before Facing the Blank Page

This step will help you get around writer’s block

blank paper

You cannot possibly write a good article about something you know nothing about. As such, you must start by doing your research and rounding up all the facts you need. Always think before you write. Shape up the article in your head, and try to think of an enticing angle to present the information. While doing so, write down key points that summarize your article.

Step 2 : Charting Your Route Using an Outline

This step will help you put real substance into your articles


There’s only so much you can fit in a 1000-word or so article, so there’s no point in over-doing this stage: you just need 6 to 10 main ideas /key points / topics to pack some meat into your writing. If you end up with dozens of them, you will have to find a way to combine them or pick those that really matter. What you need is a short workable list, since each item will be used to create a different heading.

Step 3 : Highlighting The Stages in Your Writing Trek

This step will make your article more scannable and attractive

Did you manage to trim down your list of key points to about a half dozen? Great! Do those key points efficiently articulate your vision and thoughts for this article? Well done! Do they clearly summarize the contents you want to include in the writing? Perfect! You’re about ready to get started: turn each outline topic into a headline, and make it as catchy as possible. Write those headlines into your word processor to begin with. You’re halfway there! It’s now just a matter of filling the blanks.

Step 4 : Stay Focused, one Stage at a time

This step will keep you from getting side-tracked or confused while writing


At this point, you know where you want to go with your article, and you’re laid out the steps ahead. So, all that’s left to do now is filling in the gaps. Start off by writing a quick introduction that enunciates what the article is about. (Refer to the introduction to this article for example) Focus in one headline at a time, and do not stray from the path: make sure the lines below each headline clearly elaborate on the relevant ideas. Around a half dozen lines under each topic will usually do the trick.

Step 5 : Looking back in perspective

This step will ensure your piece of writing looks sparkling polished


You’re almost there! In fact, if you were lazy you could just leave the article before completing this step, and it would be just good enough. But if you want to make it great, you need to look back into what you just wrote. Is the text under each headline clearly articulated? Are there any parts that could use some brushing up? Can you spot any typos? It shouldn’t take another five minutes to really polish your article, so you might as well do it!

Does that sound like a formula you can use? Then by all means, use it! The key to becoming a great writer is practice! The more you write and the more you use this formula, the easier it will get. Once you get in the habit of weaving articles around a solid structure, they will never fail to impress your readers.

Why don’t you try it now, and see that you really don’t need more than 20 minutes to come up with a strong piece of content?

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Enjoyed the reading and thank you for sharing the knowledge. .

Pedro Cardoso
Pedro Cardoso

Chitra: You are indeed correct, but it's apparent that you have some experience as a writer, and the point of this article is showing inexperienced writers a simple way to create articles without struggling.

Provided they stick to the formula, anyone can write pretty decent articles using this method, with no need to worry about writer's block or the imposing presence of the blank page.


great tips., it usually takes me 1 ht.

i know its off but if admin is reading can i know what theme you're using? it looks great


You cannot quantify the writing process in minutes and hours. I have written 250 word articles in 8 minutes and 30 minutes in another case... :)