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Friday Photography Inspiration #36

This showcase is a part of our weekly photography inspiration series, each Friday we feature some of the best photographs captured by talented photographers from all around the world.

Here are latest 28 beautiful photographs for your inspiration. Click on the image to know more about photographer. If you like this series, then feel free to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Photography Quote of the Day:

“The camera cannot lie but it can be an accessory to untruth.” -Harold Evans

Photography 36-1

Photography 36-2

Photography 36-3

Photography 36-4

Photography 36-5

Photography 36-6

Photography 36-7

Photography 36-8

Photography 36-9

Photography 36-10

Photography 36-11

Photography 36-12

Photography 36-13

Photography 36-14

Photography 36-15

Photography 36-16

Photography 36-17

Photography 36-18

Photography 36-19

Photography 36-20

Photography 36-21

Photography 36-22

Photography 36-23

Photography 36-24

Photography 36-25

Photography 36-26

Photography 36-27

Photography 36-28


that squirrel photo made me smile, the ears are too cute!

Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson

Wonderful photography inspiration, some has very highly strength inspiring photos,

Thanks for sharing this Posting :)