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Friday Photography Inspiration #44

This post is a part of our weekly photography inspiration series. Each Friday we showcase some of the best photographs captured by talented photographers from all around the world.

Here are latest 26 beautiful photographs for your inspiration, if you like this post feel free to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Photography Quote of the day:

“The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?” -Edward Weston

Photography 44-1

Photography 44-2

Photography 44-3

Photography 44-4

Photography 44-5

Photography 44-6

Photography 44-7

Photography 44-8

Photography 44-9

Photography 44-10

Photography 44-11

Photography 44-12

Photography 44-13

Photography 44-14

Photography 44-15

Photography 44-16

Photography 44-17

Photography 44-18

Photography 44-19

Photography 44-20

Photography 44-21

Photography 44-22

Photography 44-23

Photography 44-24

Photography 44-25

Photography 44-26


I am fond of these kinds of photos. It lifts my soul seeing the beautiful creatures

that it makes more look stunning through photos.

great work!!!

Josh Lake
Josh Lake

Cheers for sharing these examples, some of these are really nice and puts me in a good mood just from looking at them. My favorite ones are the frog with a bug on its head, the northern lights, the surfer and the blue lizard. These get your attention quickly because they stand out really well because of their colours.

Cheers for the post and I look forward to next week's Friday photography inspiration :)