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Friday Photography Inspiration #6: Macro

This post is the part of our weekly photography inspiration series. Each Friday we showcase some of the most amazing shots captured by talented photographers from all around the world.

Today’s roundup is dedicated to Macro photography. Macro photography is taking extremely close-up images of subjects. And here is the collection of most beautiful Macro photographs. Also take your time to check one of our old post dedicated to macro photographs: 30 Stunning examples of Macro Photography of insects

Introspection macro photography

Eye macro photography

Flars et paillettes

Black warrior macro photography

Grosshopper marco photography

Bee macro photography

Dewy marco photography

Ambuscade macro photography

Yew and snail

Dragonfly macro photography

Frog+ macro photography

insect photography

Spider macro photography

Drop macro photography

Insect macro photography

Mouthwatering macro photography

Spider macro photography

Traveler macro photography

Electrique macro photograph


I wonder who could u get all these never seen pics man ? awesome i loved the 5 snails pics here :)

Julie Kinnear
Julie Kinnear

Great set of photographies. I have bought a new camera recently and I haven't tried macros out yet. This collection is going to be a great inspiration and challenge.

Kim Misenheimer
Kim Misenheimer

I LOVE to take pictures of insects but have never done anything this FABULOUS! What kind of lens do I need to use for a Nikon D60 to get such detailed up close shots! Thanks for sharing!

Balaji P M | MS Geek Boy
Balaji P M | MS Geek Boy

Inspiring your efforts, arts and design

Really fantastic :) No more word to express



Awesome photos!! I love these. They remind me of those tilt-shift photographs of cityscapes, oddly enough. These bugs look great! I'd like to see more photos of the bee hovering in air.


Glad to know that you liked these photographs, yes we will try to feature one post only for bees :) in the future!