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Having a Fanpage is NOT Enough, Here Is What You Need To Know…

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A Facebook Page is now almost shorthand for managing a social networking presence altogether, yet it’s still this type of unique medium that we’re all getting our heads around. There’s no attempted and examined wrong or right approach to it, though many brands are earning the mistakes because they go and importantly gaining knowledge from these.

There’s plenty of repetitive advice available for managing a good Facebook Page and. I hope to provide something a bit different and draw your attention to the minute aspects of facebook marketing which you may frequently overlook, but they are fundamental to managing a good Facebook presence and I am confident this will help you realize greated ROI form your facebook campaign.

Treat Them As Friends and NOT Fans


Yes you heard me right! Just because facebook uses the term ‘fans’ does not mean that we can start calling and treating them that way. The sooner you realize that they are as real as they can be and start treating them like real human beings instead of just a statistic on your social marketing portfolio they will start generating more ROI from your campaign.

Treating them as friends does not mean spending hours talking about their personal life but I have seen people who only update their facebook fanpage when they have a promotional offer which is wrong. When people have ‘liked‘ your page for whatever niche you are in, they have done so because they consider you as an authority in that field and want your help with their business. They are most likely to be from your niche and this is a good opportunity to make loyal readers, partners and good connections. All of this is possible if you start thinking out of the box and stop treating them as just a number.

Let Your Fans Actually Feel A sense Of Belonging To The Fan Page

Having a fanpage does not mean having zillions of minions that follow your every activity even though they are not involved. Facebook is a social platform and like all things ‘social’ you must allow people to truly interact on the page beyond the typical likes and shares. What I am suggesting is to let people use the tag feature to tage photos on
the fanpage.

Photo marking is a terrific way to grow the fans of the page and add engagement for the existing fans. What lots of people don’t understand is this fact presently isn’t set to default for Facebook Pages which is less simple to change as you may hope! To permit fans to tag photos in your Page, first visit the ‘Edit’ tab of your page, then click ‘Apps’ around the left hands side. Scroll lower to photos and then click ‘go to app’. You’ll then begin to see the option to modify your photo configurations, including permitting fans both to upload photos as well as tag photos.

This strategy will basically kill two birds with a stone. First it will build a strong sense of belonging with your fans and second, your page has more chances of getting viewed by people who did not visit it before when they are tagged by their friends in one of the images. Since people tend to have like minded people in their friendlist this is the best way to reach out to the otherwise inaccessible audience in the true sense.

Restrict Advertisements To Individuals That Do Not Like Your Page

Just today someone requested me whether it was possible to select to simply show an advertisement to someone once, to prevent the chance of over-exposure of advertisements and annoying individuals with the company and message. It is really an easy choice to choose if you set an advertisement up also it implies that you not only avoid having to pay to remarket to existing fans, additionally you avoid pestering new fans, who might not have made the decision if there’s any value inside your page yet.

Don’t Worry About Post Frequency

Many brands are responsible for filler content to help keep fans entertained however the nature of Facebook Pages is you are really only likely to discover their whereabouts inside your newsfeed. You aren’t likely to keep coming back every day to check once they have made an update. Frequency of content isn’t as essential as it could appear, provided it’s being supported by good content along with a generally active page.

There appears to become an growing concern among brands, who wish to update more frequently, most likely so their fans won’t forget them. Thought upgrading a webpage regularly is better practice, it isn’t really as necessary while you think about facebook fanpages. Consider the brands you follow on Facebook. Can you notice if one of these skipped an update, or can you prefer it should you saw just the best posts inside your newsfeed?

Pay For Sponsored Stories (Facebook Ads)

Paid reviews and case studies are a good addition by Facebook to their advertising platform. Basically these permit you to place advertisements for actions on the page or application, for example when someone Likes your Page. This can appear underneath the ‘sponsored stories’ sidebar of Facebook profiles, notifying you about only the organic activity because of your buddies. Just because they concentrate on organic activity, the backed story will invariably show a miniumum of one friend’s Facebook profile, in the same manner that you could see which of their buddies like a webpage on the traditional ad.

I have seen paid stories work superbly for a lot of people. You could setup them up with the standard ad interface, though it’s not necessary to alter the written text connected using the ad.

Remember To ‘Actually’ Transmit An Update To Fans

facebook fans

This can be a fantastic aspect for Facebook Pages which has gradually be hidden as Facebook make changes for their Pages. An update can be delivered to all fans of the Page and can appear like a notification within their Facebook mailbox. By doing this you will make sure that all fans see an essential announcement you might want to make, when they skipped it as being a wall post. It may be simple to execute this method, by hitting ‘Edit Page’, then ‘Marketing’, then ‘Send an Update’.

Because this does appear like a private notification to fans, I’d recommend you utilize this moderately and just for particularly significant bulletins. If people believe that Liking your Page means they’re signing up to constant private messages being sent, they may well leave the Page. This is often a useful gizmo when used well, particularly along with a contest or application for instance, that will help to develop fans in your Page.

Accept That There is no limit to time invested

Wise brands will frequently have evening and weekend social networking moderation in position, to watch any issues they might need to answer, or make important bulletins. This is often handled in ways to ensure that your fans know the optimum time to achieve you, while making certain there’s some activity level outdoors the conventional 9-5 of the customer call center.

The truth is if you are likely to operate a effective Facebook Page, you’re (regrettably for many) going to need to leave behind the typical 9-5 routine. Your Facebook Page could experience a number of it’s most popular occasions outdoors of labor hrs, as people can get on at home. They’ll frequently expect an answer there after which and can not care an excessive amount of concerning the fact that the work hours don’t match their Facebook hrs.

Use Edgerank For Conversion Tracking


Using the Edgerank checker for Pages, you can observe what are best and worst days for attaining new fans around the Page so when you’re achieving your very best Edgerank. The greater the score, the much more likely your fans are to visit your content. These details should be employed to optimise your Page if you notice fans getting together with you more about a particular day, this can be a great time to begin a campaign or time an essential announcement.

The free Edgerank checker tool enables you to definitely access experience regarding your Page that let you know a little much more about how individuals are getting together with your articles. Edgerank is basically Facebook’s version of Pagerank – it’s the formula they will use to find out which content seems within the ‘Top News’ portion of a newsfeed, that is how most people (based on Facebook) access their feed.

Besides, using a third party tool will show a clear picture of how your fanpage is performing.

Write for that newsfeed, not for the wall

I have seen many updates from Pages for instance, that demonstrate up during my newsfeed and let me know to click a particular tab, without any link within the update. This really is no use in my experience when I’m skimming my newsfeed, and I am not prone to go the Page to discover more, basically haven’t been supplied with the link.

Whenever you write an update for the Facebook Page, automatically you’ll probably be around the wall from the page itself. It may be confusing however, to think about the wall isn’t the place that 99% of the fans are likely to call at your update first. Though many people are going to be lead right to the wall via a link or ad for instance, your existing fans are likely to call at your update within their newsfeed.

I hope I have adressed most of the important stuff that people usually ignore while managing a facebook fanpage. Remember, it is the quality of the fanpage that matters and not the number of fans and that is the same reason I have dealt with the part about managing the fanpage instead of increasing the number of followers. How to increase the fanpage followers you ask? That is immaterial because nothing in the world can make a person truly follow your updates unless voluntarily motivated. It is what you do with these loyal followers that will define whether your facebook marketing strategy is actually working or not.

Have you implemented any of these tips in your marketing action plan? Let me know in the comments section below..

About Guest Author:
Darren is an iPage review expert who loves to evaluate hosting services to present a honest feedback to cunsumers about all the major web hosting companies. You can find his other reviews here webhostingdeals.Org and connect with him on twitter @TheHostingDeals

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Elena@Fatcow review

I honestly love the idea on how you organize the key points as to how you plan to make a Fan page not only a fan page. I know many entrepreneurs miss this whole bunch of points.. Truly and highly recommend post. Two thumbs up!


I have learned so much on this post. I have come to realize that fans are not just fans, instead they are real people that need to be treated that way. I have overlooked a lot of points you mentioned above for the past few years of my business, that's why I think I fail in some of my ad campaign. But anyway, I can always learn from my mistakes and have a fresh start. And see how it goes from there. Thanks!

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Great post Daren, I think you have covered some of the most important tips for facebook that most marketers overlook.