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Holiday Blogging – Take Advantage of the Season

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As a blogger, there’s always a fine line when it comes to seasonal times of the year and how much you incorporate it into your daily blogging and how much you simply let it pass by unannounced.  Obviously, depending upon the type of blog you have, the amount the holidays appear in your posts will very greatly.  Clearly if you’re running a blog on blog design and HTML and CSS, the fact that it’s Christmas in two days really doesn’t matter and your readers aren’t coming to your blog to see what you think of the holiday.  On the other hand, if you run a commercial site/blog with anything applicable for gifts or you keep a family style blog where your trip to visit Santa Clause obviously would be something your readers would care about, then it makes more sense to blog in a seasonal style.

However, whether or not your blog seems particularly “suited” to including the holidays or whether you’ve ever thought of the holidays in connection with your blog, I am going to highly encourage you to do so.  The biggest reason behind this: you can take advantage of the holiday season (speaking of Thanksgiving through New Years) to greatly increase your traffic and hits on your site.  Not sure how to make the holiday apply to you?  Let’s look at some easy ways how to make holiday blogging work for you.

Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Gift
Credit: Ashraf Saleh

Blogging Holiday Gift Guides have caught on like wildfire and are now hugely popular and sought after.  If it makes sense to put up a gift guide on your blog, I highly recommend that you do so.  It’s often as simple as posting that you are now accepting submissions for gift guide ideas (you can include a theme or appropriate target if you like, ie: “For the computer guy”) and you should get requests from various companies to feature their product on your site and offer a giveaway for your readers..  You get free product and have nothing more to do than to use, write a review and post.  The upshot: you can drive in massive amounts of traffic with the allure of discounts and giveaways.  Depending upon the value of your giveaway, you have a very high chance of going viral.

Promoting Other Gift Guides

If it doesn’t make sense for you to host your own giveaway, then promote others and try to grab traffic that way.  Re-tweet highly popular giveaways, make your own posts that highlight the best of the best gift guides out there this year.  If you can simplify the process of finding the gift guides with really good offers, they will be extremely likely to come to your site first before venturing out on their own and trying gift guides randomly.  And, you gain their respect along with some credibility for being a reputable source, thereby upping your chance for them to follow you/like you/sign up for RSS feed.

Integrate Holiday Search Terms

People are searching for targeted words like “gift ideas” and “holiday recipes” and “party tips” more than ever.  Capitalize on those for more traffic by including them in your tags, descriptions, posts, etc.  If you blog about mixing bowls, create titles like “Bowls! 1 of the The Top 10 Gifts for Cooking Fanatics.”  You promote the fact that you sell bowls, but you also peak interest to see what the other 10 gifts are, luring readers to click on the title no matter where they saw the link.  Those are the taglines that will spread around quickly, and as we know so well, getting those readers there is a huge part of the battle.  Once there, you might just convince them to stay.

Get Personal

Credit: 123RF Stock Photos

In a unique way, the holidays make it okay to be personal on a blog where at any other time of the year, it would be strange.  Take advantage of this by showing your readers a little bit about you and the company as a whole.  You can pull off a “year-end” look back that highlights the accomplishment of the site and it will come across as a reflection that’s personal and touching and heartfelt, not as a bragging post that’s abrasive or obnoxious.  Clients like to know how successful you are, it makes them feel better about themselves for investing their time and potentially funds in you, but you have to give them that information in the appropriate manner.

Go Get the Traffic!

If you tend to ignore the holidays altogether when it comes to your blog, I’d highly encourage you to rethink this.  Even if you blog about oil wells in Africa, you can do a post about holiday gift giving to children in Kenya.  You can make the holidays a part of any topic, you just have to be creative.  You’ve got nothing to lose, but tons of traffic to potentially gain, so go get it!

About Guest Author:
Freelancer Jocelyn is a full time blogger and currently incorporating the holiday season into her promotion of electric wall heaters.  She’s seen great success with Holiday Gift Guides and highly recommends it.

Prospect Holiday home
Prospect Holiday home

I own a holiday home and I think this is a fantastic idea. I will work on it in time for next Christmas. In fact I guess it should really be posted a few month before the festive season. Thanks for the tip!


interesting things you discuses in this article.

Razibul Hassan
Razibul Hassan

This is obviously a great way of helping people and driving traffic to your personal blog. I found a blog with very few post that had a great article on Christmas gift idea. People seem like looking for the same topic and it got a really good number of visitors. The writer wrote from his own experience and made some handy suggestions. This is a good way of enriching your blog..