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30 Innovative Examples of Business Cards

Posted in Design By Suraj Vibhute

Business cards are very useful for staying in touch with your potential clients. Most of the people use traditional business card designs, but these days branding is very important and for making first memorable impression your business card must be attractive and unique.

If you are planning to re-design your business card or searching for some inspirational works, here we have collected 25 creative business card designs for your inspiration.

Oooo.Com.Ua business card

KelvinWins Cards

Vita Dobson Business Card

Wake Up Your Body Business Card

Junpiter Futbol Card

Gigi Business Card

Laptop Business Card

Mr Snogglebaum business card

We are sweet business card

Sticker Look Business Card

Asterix Business card

Atomicvibe Business Card

Kamisumi  business card

We Are Designers Business Card

Red black Card

Heidi Five Biz Card

Maxime Archambault Business Cards

Mattia Bernini business card

Personal Trainer Business Card

Guardian Fluffy Business cards

Robbie Porter Business Card

Creative IT Business Cards

Ando Design Business Card

Simply Adam Mann businesscard

Ayako Okada Businesscard


very nice collection

thanks for sharing.


There are some amazing business cards, thanks!

Navigator Multimedia
Navigator Multimedia

These business cards are only as effective as the experience they reflect. I recently picked up a nostalgic little business card from a speak-easy themed bar I frequent in my city. It's on my fridge now, and the typography and colour palette so perfectly match the experience of the service.

Being able to make your customers associate textures, colours, and feelings with your business through concrete objects (like business cards) is an incredibly effective way to move them to make the next step-visit your site.


Sarah Bauer

Navigator Multimedia

Tanjil islam
Tanjil islam

Very cool cards. Hope these cards will help me to gain a concept of making some business cards in Photoshop . Great work \m/


i like the idea of personalizing business card. i think it will get the attention of every

possible customer.


Awesome cards thanks for sharing!!!


wow its really nice, thanks for sharing......!

Leo Carlos
Leo Carlos

Wonderful stuff indeed. Well done,Suraj.


Wow Its Awesome Information shared by you :) I reeally A nice One :)