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iPhone Photography eBook review

It’s amazing but true: the majority of photos uploaded to Flickr originate from iPhones! This  explains why so many books and ebooks on iPhone Photography are showing up everywhere.

You may wonder why anyone would buy a book on this simple smartphone feature ? Taking snapshots with an iPhone is not really rocket science and if you’re not sure about the various settings, you would just Google them, right?

Well, I had the same idea until I got a copy of ‘iPhone Photography: How to shoot, edit and share great phtographs‘  in my hands.
Only after reading this book, I realized what kind of camera was hidden in my iPhone.

cover iPhone photo book

Usually I grabbed my good old Canon Digital SLR camera whenever I wanted to take some “really good photos”.
But now I dramatically improved the quality of the photo’s taken with the iPhone….and I barely feel the  need to take  my SLR for a “good photo moment”.

The author, Misho Baranovic is one of the World’s leading experts on Mobile Photography.
In his book, Misho takes us on a comprehensive journey through all aspects of iPhone Photography.
The 106 pages are really well designed and it’s a pure pleasure to flip through the 3 chapters: SHOOT, EDIT, SHARE.


Chapter 1 – SHOOT

OK,  it all starts with the basics of explaining the key functions and built-in Photography functions of the iPhone.
However, even for the basic features we get best practice tips, like how to use the  “AE/AF lock function” and in which conditions.
This is followed by a good overview on the best camera replacement apps, which will allow us to really take control over the photo-capture process with the  iPhone.

Misho also picks one of the apps as his favorite and documents his choice with great examples and extra  tips.

iPhone photo book getting in focus


The next section “finding your subject” examines five different genres of photography. The author includes step-by-step tutorials and examples for getting the best results in typical “mobile photo” situations: at home with your family, on the street, in the nature, while travelling abroad and at night.

Extra inspiration comes from short interviews with other experienced  mobile photographers.


Chapter 2 –EDIT:

In the words of the author,  the editing process helps the photographer to clarify or enhance what he wants his photographs to convey.
After explaining the native iPhone editing capabilities, Misho shows his favorite editing apps and processes.

The overview starts with the well-known One-touch apps like Hipstamatic and ShakeItPhoto, but then he drills deeper into Filter-based apps and professional editing apps, which give us the ultimate post-processing control to develop our own editing style.

iPhone Photograpy  professional editing

The chapter ends with a short tutorial on how to design an exhibition invitation poster by adding text to an image.
The right mix of tutorials, examples and expert interviews makes this chapter really fun to read and learn.


Chapter 3 – SHARE:

In the final chapter the author describes his workflow for SHARING mobile photo’s on different social networks.
He also explains how  we can build a community around similar photography styles, locations or topics by using the abilities of photosharing apps.

 iPhone photography  sharing

To summarize:

This book has really surprised me and opened my eyes on iPhone photography.
It contains valuable information for any newbie photographer and for the more experienced photographer who thought that quality photography can only be done with a SLR camera.

iPhone photography book download

Note: iPhone Photography is only available as an e-book (PDF  and ePub) directly downloadable and readable on your computer. There is no printed edition available but you are free to print the ebook on your own printer. The price is $19.99

Jai Catalano
Jai Catalano

The days of the iphone photographer are close by. I have to say it would save me trouble lugging my equipment around. :)