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Boosting Your Photographing Career with Instagram

Photography changes with the newest technology. Each new piece of technology changes the landscape of how photographers take pictures and market their services. The iPhone radically changed photography with the ability to take high quality DSLR pictures with your smart phone. Many apps like Instagram emerged on the iPhone to change the way photographers reach their audience and share their work.

What Is Instagram?


Instagram is an iPhone application which takes photo sharing to a new level. You create a photo using your iPhone camera. You can use the default camera or the Instagram application; however, the Instagram application comes with custom filter to add effects to your photo. You open the photo on in the Instagram application. Add custom filters. Enter a caption and choose whether you want to enable geotagging.

Instagram integrates with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. You get to share your photos with your whole network on one or all of these social networks. You can also set up to email this photo to specific contacts on your iPhone. Hit the button to send the photo. It gets uploaded to your Instagram network and all your social networks.

Instagram offers privacy features to make sure only people you connect with can view your photos. All photos are public by default. You need to enable this feature to make your photos private.

Benefits of Instagram

For photographers, Instagram offers a unique opportunity to connect with a large audience.

  1. People who use Instagram to view public photos are looking for unique, engaging photos from photographers. Using Instagram may increase you audience, increase sales and get you future gigs.
  2. Instagram connects with the major social media networks. Instagram offers automation services for photographers to upload a photo once from their smart phone and access it on all their social media sites for their entire network.
  3. When a photo reaches “popular” status, it appears on the main “Star” screen of the Instagram application. Getting your photos on this screen could dramatically increase your viewership, website traffic and sales.

Drawbacks of Instagram

As of this writing, Instagram only works with the iPhone or iPod Touch platforms. It does not work on Androids, iPads, BlackBerries or Microsoft phones. This limits your reach using the Instagram application to only other people with iPhones.

Facebook recently purchased Instagram for $1 billion dollars. This move changes who Instagram will be used in the future. It may see multiple platform usage and possibly a web-based service. For photographers, Instagram is a definite tool for their arsenal. Photographers needing help with gaining exposure may want to consult a direct response marketing company.

Rudy P
Rudy P

WhereI can get book or training about Instagram?

Ammara Wasim
Ammara Wasim


Wao instagram is very useful app. But it is limited up to ipad and ipod. I will wait for the availability of instagram on facebook. Thanks for sharing.