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Photography – Some Tricks of the Trade

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Photography - Some Tricks of the TradeCameras are getting cheaper and cheaper by the day, and their resolution and memory size is getting better and better. Add to this the ease of the use of a digital camera, and almost everyone has a camera now and is trying to take excellent photographs of their near and dear ones.  Let us go through some tips to enhance your photographic skills.

As many people like to take photographs of other people, one should realize the facial expression on the photo is the most important part of a portrait.  If you decide to take a portrait photograph of a friend, it should showcase the personal traits of the subject and his feelings. The normal way to take a photo is by keeping the camera on the same level as that of the subject. If you try to play with this concept, you can see exciting results. Place the camera at the floor level and take an upward photo, or take one photo from above the subject’s face level and in a downward direction can bring added dimension to the photograph.

When it comes to taking photographs of very young children in the family, it is a tough job. They are not going to smile at you when prompted. You may have to distract them and let them focus their attention on some interesting object and get photographs without them actually knowing about it. If you take photographs of kids who are engaged fully in some of their favorite activities, the surprise aspect of the shots and the excitement on their face can sometimes provide amazing results. Even when you take photographs of adults, changing their focus away from the camera to interesting objects in the neighborhood can create unexpected results. If the object they are looking at can catch their full attention for even a second or two, this can create a lot of charm in the resultant photograph.

Use of light can enhance the subject in various ways. Back lighting can add to the beauty of women. Use of shades can enhance certain features of the subject. Light falling only on one side of the face can create interesting perspectives on the photograph. The surroundings of the photograph can be a very strong reason a great shot. Certain situations can create just the opposite result as well. Take a lot photos and this will help you to get at least one good shot. As digital cameras do not have film, there is no extra cost associated to it.

About the Guest author:
Claire Jarrett operates Marketing By Web and is blogging on behalf of Ralph Photography, who are Asian wedding photographers