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10 SEO Tips Every Web Designer Should Follow

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very common term among the bloggers. The term actually seems be scary and tough to learn, but actually it is not true. SEO is one of the best systems which may help you take your blog to the zenith. All you need to do is to follow certain effective blogging tips. No matter you have a blog or a website; you need a well determined and well implemented SEO to get successful.

Usually the bloggers think that SEO is related only to the content of the blog or a site, whereas it is a myth. Yes Search Engine Optimized Content does play an important role in success of the blog but there are many more aspects of SEO which you need to follow.

When it is about a website, one of the major aspects which affect the SEO of a website is the design. This means that the website design asks a major consideration to make your site well optimized.


It is the major responsibly of the web designer to make the design well optimized. While designing the website he/she must make sure that all the factors affecting SEO are incorporated. It is also equally important to avoid the factors which hinder the SEO of the site.

In this piece of writing I would like to discuss some very important and unavoidable factors of SEO which may help you in running your blog successfully. Take a look

  1. Readable Codes: Make sure that the codes you are using in your website are semantic. Such well managed and systemized semantic codes help the search engine to crawl through your content and the tags associated. Editing the codes is not as difficult now as earlier times. There are many applications available in the market which allows the user to edit the code even from their cell phones.
  2. AJAX: You can use AJAX for your blog but make sure that the use is not more often. Actually the content which is generated through the AJAX is not listed of linked.
  3. Unique and catchy page titles: Titles play a very important role and leave a major impact on readers mind. It is the title which brings the reader to your blog, so be careful in using the titles. The title should be exactly relevant and catchy. Make different title for each of your page with their own set of Meta tags.
  4. Fast Indexing: Indexing is very important for the success of your website. A very good idea to get indexed quickly is to tweet and share your site or article on Facebook.
  5. Proper usage of keywords: Over stuffing of the keyword will anyways harm your website. Make sure that you are using the keywords relevantly and in a natural manner. The keyword should not look like added forcefully.
  6. Easy Navigation: Keep in mind that not every visitor coming to your website is tech savvy. Make your website so easily navigable that even a lay man can enter and browse maximum pages of your website. Stylish affects and designs are important but not more than the easy navigation.
  7. Decide domain carefully: Before starting with the blogging, make sure that what kind of domain you are looking for. Here are few tips for choosing good domain: (1) Don’t use numbers in domain (2) Don’t use more than three words in one domain (3) keyword in domain is always better.
  8. The links: The links always are considered importance in SEO. Linking the content in between with the correct and relevant link is one of the most important tips.
  9. Readable content: If your content is well written and well presented then it will help search engine to crawl your website easily. Use heading, sub heading, tags, bullets, points of links where necessary.
  10. Use Images: We all know that an image speaks more than 1000 words but the problem is that Google reads only content and not the images. The only way out is to add some description to the images which may make them listed in the Google search engine. (1) Use alt and title tags (2) rename image with relevant keyword

In the whole, a web designer should keep all the SEO factors in mind to make a well search engine optimized website or a blog. If you are not good at SEO, you can also hire some good SEO technician for your website or blog.

About Guest Author:
Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Support Philadelphia and Computer Repair Philadelphia national service organizations


In addition to the wonderful advice listed here, I always make sure to register the domain name with Google and other major search engines like Yahoo.


To follow all these factors is very important if you want to be a successful web designer. Unique content, SEO and marketing is must for success. Thanks for sharing this informative stuff.



Nice post/Blog, I’m on learn SEO/IM, thanks for mention.Thanks ya, Erni


This will help a lot to a new one in blogging. This idea enhances my capability. All of the content is about tips mentioned and in fact I definitely understand those things. Thanks for sharing this and its a very big help for me..


These are all common sense SEO approaches that are still very valid. good round up indeed.