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Social Media for Work Life Balance

Posted in Social Media By celina

It seems that more and more people are getting hooked and subscribed to several social networking sites. This year, the number of members in these online communities is expected to grow even further. Some people even get addicted to socializing online so much that this affects their daily life. In this article, we will discuss five ways social media impact the way we work and the way we live.

1. Communication with Family Members

As we get home, instead of talking to our family members about the day or about work, we tend to log on to Facebook, Twitter and the like to get updated with the latest happenings among our friends. In this case, we form a bad habit of ignoring the presence of our loved ones who are readily available to converse offline with us in the real world. Much focus is given primarily to social media applications that we forget to spend quality time and bond with those who matter most.

2. Quiet Time With Self

After spending a day full of tasks and errands, instead of sleeping or just taking a quiet and peaceful moment, we open up our social media profiles to check if we receive notifications and new feeds. This activity is often exciting as we learn how others responded to the status messages and tweets we post. However, this might be too much already. We should have the effort to make our brain cells rest for a while and not overtire it facing the computer or mobile device screens for online connections.

3. Distraction at Work

Picture this. You have a report that is due for the day, but you wanted to peek at your Facebook timeline almost in every other minute. The end result? You did not meet the deadline. Your draft turned out to be crappy. Your boss stomps his feet and you get a bad impression from him. What’s more, your self-dignity is lost as you failed to meet your own expectations. Social media can be a real distraction at work, hindering us from continuing to be a model employee.

4. Agitation

One day without checking our social media accounts leads to anxiety and agitation. Sound familiar? Truly, as we wonder how updates are going on in the online world, we somehow feel sorry and worried that we didn’t catch the latest news delivered by out networks in social media. A vacation trip without Wi-Fi connection is a nightmare. A company which blocks social networking sites is just the worst. In reality, we should not feel this terrible because if participating in social media activity is not our main business or one that affect our lifeline, then we should have the control to skip it altogether.

5. Invasion of Privacy

Another way how social media affect work is related to employment. Many recruiters and employers now use social media to know about their applicants. If they see something wrong or something misfit about the candidate through profile pictures, comments, bios and other posts in social media accounts, they will immediately not consider the person for employment. Each of us is expected to set the right privacy settings, to avoid such thing to happen. If you can’t help posting everything about your life and disclosing sensitive information on these online profiles, at least consider to create one for personal use and another for business or professional use. This is unless you don’t care about everything being broadcasted which reduces your chances to get a job.


Now that you’ve learned the impact of social media on our work and lives, the question is, “Is this healthy?” Exposing our identities in social