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The Photography Fad of Our Day

Posted in Photography By Whitney

Today everything is about the “now.” We are an immediate society who thrives on expediency and deliverance in the moment we request it. More people in the world have cell phones, and a majority of those phones have cameras. There is so much information rushing through the world today, and all of us seem to be finding our way into the current. Digital information is always immediate, and with so many cameras and digital media websites it’s no wonder we are deemed the “YouTube Generation.”

If we’re going to be thrust into such an advance digital age, why not accept it? With Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more, it’s easy to share our lives with anyone and everyone. This affirms my point that we are no longer a private society. We have opportunities for a voice and demonstration of art that no other generation before us has had, so why not take advantage of it by taking more photos and videos of our lives for future documentation?

Photography can be confusing. Not only is it a viable occupation, with incredibly competition, but it’s also an incredibly hobby. Smartphone applications now allow for photo editing and filtering to help the average user become more advanced in their art and editing skills. Some people will always prefer their Digital SLR to a Smartphone, but sometimes your phone is all you have to work with. Take pictures all over and save them to a hard drive or to a cloud drive.

Ultimately it comes down to memories. This life is short and we don’t have too much to hold on to when we leave here. Photos are a constant memory imprint of what we’ve experienced and the bonds we’ve shared. True we have differing memories of what takes place, and some memories may be extremely painful, but that’s what makes us human; we feel emotion.

Take pictures. Take them all the time and everywhere. The more we take pictures and display them, the more memories we can establish and categorize for future reference. Life is all about memories and the relationships we establish with those around us. If you have a Digital SLR camera to take professional portraits, that’s wonderful, but if you just have a camera phone or Smartphone you can still take amazing shots with incredible sentiment and historical feeling. We take nothing with us to the other side. Nothing of course, except our memories and who we are as people.

Whitney Tempton has been working in communications for almost six years. She is currently the Online Marketing Director for and is an avid photographer. She has a degree in classic literature from Northwestern, and has spent the past four years with her husband and their dog living in Aurora Illinois. She currently lives in Queens, New York, and works from home as an editor and marketer for Berger Bros.

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