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Tips to Maximize the Security Of WordPress Blogs

Posted in Blogging By Conroy James

WordPress blogging has reached almost 18 million installations at the moment. It’s a great achievement. Original WordPress was started in 2003. For creating a new website client is usually interested in making attractive web designing but majority clients are interested in website redesigning. They ignore other important issues like preventing site from hackers. WordPress plug-ins are also under the pressure of hackers who want to lift private data or damage websites. WordPress has its own security measures to stop hackers from their illegal activities.

WordPress security

It’s in hands of site owners to make their WordPress installations safe and secure. Here are some useful ways to make your WordPress enabled website secure from hackers.

Keep Admin Directory Of WordPress Locked

By using this tactic, you can stop the attack of hackers. You need to do some little changes in your .htaccess file. You will need to add the following line to allow access for PC connections that are approved involving recognition of IP address. (Note: Make backup of .htaccess file before editing it.)

allow from (replace the 1’s with your own IP address(s))

By introducing this little change to the .htaccess file you can make your blog more secure through limiting the IP addresses to some particular systems.

Concealing plug-ins folder will also help you in keeping your WordPress safe from hackers.

How To Conceal The Plug-ins Directory Of WordPress?

As plug-ins become old in short time therefore, it gives a chance to hackers to attack the site. This happens because of third part plug-ins of WordPress. Some plug-ins don’t follow right programming for making the end users more secure and thus leading to attacks by the hackers.

  • Create A Blank File
    index.html should be the tile of the blank file that you create and upload at WordPress content. You can keep your directory of plug-ins from hackers by doing this.
  • Look For Files With Strange Names
    Find the files with strange names at your site while logging on through FTP account. If, there are any files that carry suspicious names, compare the file structure with that present in any other blog at WordPress.

Updated Versions Of WordPress Are Less Vulnerable

Hackers are more active at older versions of WordPress. WordPress needs to be updated on regular basis to make security measures stronger. This should be your preference to keep the blogging platform fresh and updated.

Password Changes

Changing passwords on monthly basis will also help in keeping your WordPress blog secure from hackers. Try to use a tough password to lower the chances of hacking.

These are the ways though which WordPress installations and WordPress blogs can be made safe. Your web developer and web designer should know about these and should provide help in keeping your WordPress activities safe and secure.


cool! Locking the .htaccess file is really simple to do. Thanks dude and i am using loginlockdown plugin.

David @ Camera Bags
David @ Camera Bags

Good tips and I always back up my sites in case of something I can't fix like a php virus.

David @ Camera Bags
David @ Camera Bags

Good tips and I always back up my sites in case of something I can't fix like a php virus.
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