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Top Online Resources for Free Photoshop Scratch Brushes

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Photoshop is full of interesting tools that you can use to enhance the features, many of them created as open source expansions by users. For some, these will become basics in their toolkit, as they move beyond those that come standard in a Photoshop package. It can be useful to go beyond the usual, seeking out new tools that offer something a bit more special.

When it comes to scratch brushes you have a huge selection to work with; there are literally thousands to choose from which can be a little overwhelming when you are searching for a few good ones to keep in your arsenal. Sometimes, it is better to just find a couple of resources that you can return to again and again to find what you need.

Photoshop Scratches

Here are some of the top online resources for free Photoshop scratch brushes.

Photoshop Scratch Textures is a wide design resource and blog that frequently posts helpful articles pointing designers and freelancers in the right direction for high quality tools, mostly for free. In this link, has more than 500 brushes listed (in 38 different texture packs), which can be downloaded at their linked source. The site managed to get together a really solid collection, especially for abstract work.

Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop Scratch Textures

This is usually a site for tutorials, more than anything. It trains you with easy-to-follow instructions on the use of Photoshop for multiple projects, and so it is great for the casual user or those editing photos for personal use. Occasionally, it will post free tools you can use. It has a number of brushes throughout the site that you can find. Usually they are brushes you won’t find anywhere else.

Soultravel Multimedia

Photoshop Scratch Textures

This is a very popular graphic design blog that posts useful content all the time. From updates on the latest editing software to tips, it’s all here, in one place. The site did a post earlier this year on brushes and put together a really great collection. Of course, they are from resources already on this list, but great if you don’t feel like trudging through endless pages of brushes to find what you want.

My Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop Scratch Textures

There are some repeats on this site that you will see elsewhere. But all in all, it is a great collection of about 500 brush sets that are pretty nice. Some of them are rather creative. The categories are easy to navigate, with genres such as Vintage and Human. They can also be sorted by rating, number of downloads or the date added to the directory.


Photoshop Scratch Textures

This is a fairly massive site with thousands of brushes for you to choose from. It has some repeats once again, but also a large collection of unique texture packs that you can use for brochure, poster or sticker design. You can display them based on Photoshop version, and sort by highest rated, most popular and newest. Otherwise, you just search by keyword. It also has patterns, PSD’s and a premium section, among other things.


Photoshop Scratch Textures

Many people will see DeviantArt as a place for amateur and professional artists to gather and show off their work. But it is more than a portfolio site. There are actually a number of really useful tools people post for you to use. There is a whole section dedicated to brushes, which you can visit for some really great packs that are often free to use, usually with proper credit.

123 Free Brushes

Photoshop Scratch Textures

There are 62 pages of free brushes on this site, though no good way to search them. All you can do is go through the pages one by one, as there are no categories to help you out. There is a search for tags, which might narrow it down. But since the tags can be a little inconsistent, you might miss some good once if you don’t fall on the right term. But they are worth looking for if you are just searching out a few good ones to download and keep on hand.


If you are hoping to create something using a texture brush, but you don’t have the file on hand, you can find whatever you are looking for online. You might even find a few that inspire a new design or project. Many times I have come across a brush pack that made me want to create a project around it.

What are some of your favorites?

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