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How To Get Topics For Your Upcoming Blog Posts?

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When I started my blogging career it seemed a lot tougher for me to write articles in a consistent pattern which look great for the readers. If you belong to blogging and writing arena, you may also have experienced the same situation of what I had. It definitely makes you to start thinking about nice topics, but it is not that much easy to get better results. In this article, lets discuss some of the methods that makes both the tasks, topic finding and writing easier ones.

Article ideas

Are you out of Ideas for your upcoming blog posts? You will not get any if the only place you are searching is inside your own head. Obviously you need to have some better sources and more than that something to stimulate you to be creative in your writings.

Blog Comments

Most of you have your own blogs. Just read the comments that your readers put there and you haven’t yet answered. It’ll definitely pop up some ideas in your mind that you can effectively convert into blog posts.

Social Media Groups

Go through the social media groups that you have already joined in, you will definitely stuck with the other people’s debate where you can find interesting questions and answers that can easily be converted into writings.

Examine Your Past

Sometimes your past or some of the happenings in your past can definitely be more than enough for a topic. Think about the changes that had occurred in your life or the lessons that you had learned from your past experience.

Recent News

Stay tuned with the media for the latest news, if something hot has happened it might bring some new light to treat your readers in a better way. Don’t forget to discuss it with your friends via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, thoughts will definitely start flowing.

Watch Interviews

There are a lot of video sharing websites available like YouTube, Vimeo etc. So it’s not a tough job for you to get the interview videos that tells about the success of famous people. Those are capable enough to give you some sort of motivation in a definite manner to perform the action.


If you having a hard time to come up with topics and ideas to write about then you just ask your friends to suggest you some topics that you can use to write about. Remember friends are best source to get writing ideas very easily without putting too much effort.

Read Books

Actually I’m quite interested in reading and I read a lot of books of all kinds to enhance my knowledge. Like the same, just follow the similar strategy. Especially the magazines and newspapers are able to deliver you the whole about national and international trends.

Be Prepared All Time

Can you predict the time when ideas come to your mind. Definitely no, so be prepared all time to make a note. I think your personal gadgets are sufficient enough to record it.

Hope you have enjoyed reading what I have written above. Kindly share your views and opinions about the listed points

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I am always facing this problem.What to write? And also i can not copy other post too. SOme of your points clear me out how to get topics for new post. Thank you.. I will definitely work with it now onwards.


It is very useful information for me, Thanks!


This was a real informative post. I enjoyed reading every single word of this. All the tricks you told to get new ideas about topics are nice. Thanks a lot for sharing this post. Will look forward to some more nice and informative posts. :)


Thanks very much for putting this down. I never thought to make sure I always have a way to take a note down if I were to come up w/something.