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Tutorials and brushes: Selected Halloween design resources

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As Halloween is getting closer, we thought it’s a good time to dive into Photoshop and become creative. We have selected some design resources for your Photoshop work.

First, there are few tutorials that might inspire you to get creative with faces.

Then we have collected brushes with typical elements that will come in handy for your Halloween designs.

Photoshop tutorials:

Very good and clearly written Photoshop tutorial. You should have you have a general knowledge of Photoshop, know how to use various layer blending modes and applying brushes.Halloween inspirations 1


This Photoshop CS2 tutorial will show you how to rot people’s face, expose their skull and turn them into zombie. It’s a bit older (Photoshop CS2), but of course you can do the same with more recent versions of Photoshop. Unfortunately the link to the Photoshop brushes in the tutorial is broken, but you can easily find other brushes to replace them


Photoshop tutorial to create a “jack-o-lantern” with your own custom carving pattern.
You will learn that blending options can go above and beyond simple text effects. Grab your KNIVES!… or your Pen Tools…


This Zombie face tutorial might not be suitable for creatives with a weak stomach…


Photoshop brushes:

Brushes of bats:
Halloween inspirations 2


Some very cool free vector skulls for your Halloween designs.


Graveyard brush set. These will help you create a spooky sphere:


Ruins brush set. From the same artist as the graveyard set above:


Pumpkins, bats, spiders, black cats. What more do you need to build the cliché?


Spider brushes. I don’t like spiders, so I’ll leave you to it…


Some simple Halloween silhouettes




Great variety of skulls in this set


7 Grim reaper’s in high resolution


Stuff for your old style graveyard designs


Jack o lantern is the Halloween classic…


Beautiful spider webs


Pretty complete collection for Halloween


Good luck with your Halloween creations. Feel free to share more resources in the comments to this post.


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