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Understanding the Threat of “Analysis Paralysis” in Web Design

Posted in Design By Suraj Vibhute

When working in a digital environment the potential of your creation is really just a matter of imagination and having the right equipment. With so much sky on which to write on, one can easily get caught up in the curses of indecision. It’s called “analysis paralysis” by today’s thinkers but it was a recognizable human flaw thousands of years ago, with the formation of fables such as “The Fox and the Feline” to help prove the point. .

Working with the time constraints of online media and Internet marketing, designers don’t have the luxury to ponder the possibilities of their next task, despite wanting nothing but such time to perfect their craft. They have to be mindful of getting too deep into their work and sacrificing productivity for lack of creative discipline. There are a few easy ways for web designers to adapt their own decision analytics methods without sacrificing their artistic merit:

Establish a decision making chain of command

Analysis Paralysis

Whether it’s just you or a team underneath you, it’s important to establish a universal method of getting projects done in a timely manner. There’s no infringing on artistic freedom if there’s simply a pseudo-scientific method that can be loosely followed. For example you could suggest to employees that every project starts with a question, but that instead of hopping around trying to answer it through various trial and error efforts the thinker should employ a technique of rooting out the solution in a replicable way. Following a pattern cuts down on the pressures of running entirely on free will when working by yourself: As much as we want the unbridled freedom of thought, we need ways to reduce our ability to ponder when it’s a matter of business.

Cut down on means of communication


This is the generation of staying in touch. Whether it’s email, texting, tweeting, writing on walls, or good old fashioned phone calls, we tend to want to connect to each other via all these means. A common mistake for companies is to expect the same among the work staff. If workers are overloaded with requests and questions coming at them from all corners of the communications spectrum, or you find yourself overloaded in such a way, then the ability to make quality decisions as quickly as possible diminishes. Don’t let yourself or others get too bogged down with messages and responsibility reminders. You should always remain focused on the task at hand.

Online design is virtually endless in possibility, and therein lies the problem for designers on a schedule. It’s important to understand the paralyzing power of analyzing artistic options. Knowing how to avoid running around in circles with the dogs start barking separates successful designers from ones who do it as a pastime.

fred finally fast
fred finally fast

This is basically the idea that a completely blank page and endless horizons stifles creativity and causes you to get caught up in every minute detail. Working within restraints will always help productivity GREATLY!


The potential of creativity depends on the talent and work environment. Work environment is the most important part of creativity: it is like the foundation of the house.